Eloquii Sale April 2020

Eloquii’s One-Day Spring Sale Will Leave Your Jaw on the Damn Floor

Urgent: This is a very kind (but immediate!!) suggestion to drop whatever you’re doing right now and direct your attention to the jaw-dropping, money-saving, one-day Eloquii spring 2020 sale. Obviously, sales of any kind are a reason to snag items you’ve been coveting for a while—and it’s no secret that Eloquii is constantly boasting some sort of deal on their site—but this particular sale is basically Black Friday and Cyber Monday wrapped into one (and in the middle of April, no less). For all intents and purposes, we’re missing a huge chunk of spring while having to stay home. So, unfortunately, many of us have foregone spending cash on warm-weather outfits. It’s understandable, but at some point—meaning this summer, if all goes well—2020 will resume. At that point, odds are your closet will feel like a winter wasteland. Where are all your spring and summer clothes? What will you wear? Do you really need to shave your legs this year? (That last question isn’t totally relevant, but an important query nonetheless!) This is where the Eloquii spring sale comes into play, folks. Consider all your summer wardrobe Qs answered.

Here’s the deal: For one day (and one day only!) Eloquii is giving us some of the most iconic deals you’ve likely ever seen. First and foremost, everything is 50 percent off. That swimsuit you’ve been eyeing for summer pool days? It’s half off. The mom jeans you’re finally ready to try? Yes, those are half off, too. But that’s not even the biggest deal of this sale. In addition to the 50 percent off of the entire site, all dresses are $39. Take a minute to breathe, because yes, you read that correctly. All those delicious summer frocks on which you’ve had your eye are $39 for this one single day. Plus, there’s an entire section of “cyber steals” priced at $29. Go ahead and grab your jaw from the floor, because it’s likely it just dropped.

This is perhaps the greatest Eloquii sale of all time, and the perfect excuse to stock up on summer pieces to wear once we can all frolic in the streets once again. We’ve rounded up some of our absolute must-have pieces from the sale below, but there are too many amazing plus-size clothes on the site to list. Start here, then shop ’til you virtually drop. We’ll be right there with you.

Here at Unruly, we’re committed to featuring plus-size pieces we genuinely love and want to share with you. We’re connected to an affiliate revenue program, which means we might make a small commission when you buy products through our shopping guides. This in no way affects the pieces we choose to feature, and it never will. (Confused? We’d love to answer any questions you have about this. Email us at beunrulyinfo@gmail.com!)

1. Ruffle Hem Jumpsuit

Ruffle Jumpsuit Eloquii

shop it — $129.95 $64.98 from Eloquii

2. Crop Denim Jacket with Puff Sleeves

Cropped Denim Jacket Eloquii

shop it — $119.95 $59.98 from Eloquii

3. Jogger with Side Stripe

Green Striped Jogger

shop it — $79.95 $39.98 from Eloquii

4. Puff Sleeve Dress with Slit

Green Polka Dot Dress

shop it — $119.95 $39 from Eloquii

5. Tie Front High Cut Swimsuit

Neon Green Swimsuit

shop it — $99.95 $49.98 from Eloquii

6. Drama Sleeve Peplum

Pink Peplum Top

shop it — $69.95 $34.98 from Eloquii

7. Woven Wicker Crossbody Bag

White Woven Bag

shop it — $69.95 $34.98 from Eloquii

8. Puff Sleeve High Low Dress

Yellow and Pink Floral Dress

shop it — $139.95 $39 from Eloquii

9. Soft Utility Jumpsuit

Utility Jumpsuit

shop it — $139.95 $69.97 from Eloquii

10. Mom Jean

Denim Mom Jeans

shop it — $89.95 $44.98 from Eloquii

11. Tie Neck Blouse

Printed Black and White Top

shop it — $79.95 $39.98 from Eloquii

12. Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

Green Floral Midi Dress

shop it — $199.95 $39 from Eloquii

13. Drawstring Satin Pant

Satin Jogger

shop it — $74.95 $37.48 from Eloquii

14. Button Front Belted Dress

White Dress with Belt

shop it — $129.95 $39 from Eloquii

15. Faux Leather Tank

Faux Leather Crop Top in Cream

shop it — $59.95 $29.98 from Eloquii