Plus-Size Crop Tops

Enough Plus-Size Crop Tops to Last You an Entire Summer

Ever since the resurgence of mom jeans and high-waisted pants, we’ve found ourselves with a true affinity for plus-size crop tops. Whether they’re barely cropped—just enough that they touch the exact place the waistband of your pants hits—or so cropped they could be considered a very cute bra, all crop tops are good crop tops. While we do enjoy an oversized button down or long tunic, for summer, there’s nothing better than an effortlessly cool crop top. So get ready to show off that torso, because crop tops continue to be one hot summer trend.

One of the best things about crop tops is the fact that they’re ridiculously easy to style. Pair them with all your favorite high-waisted pants this summer—or even some bike or Bermuda shorts. Thankfully, most on-trend bottoms are high-waisted, which makes stocking up on cute crop tops a no-brainer. (If low-rise jeans ever come back in style, we will personally build a spaceship and set up camp on Mars.) Though, you don’t  have to pair crop tops with high-waisted pants. They look great with on-trend midi skirts, denim cut-offs—you name it. Crops tops are for everyone and every body—and we’ll be wearing them all summer long.

To help you find your new favorite crop top, we rounded up 27 different styles from which to choose. Each of these plus-size crop tops is seriously cute, and is sure to be a welcome addition to your summer wardrobe. Whether it’s for date night, hanging out on the couch or exploring new cities this season, there’s a crop top for every occasion. Shorty! Get! Loose!

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1. Feeling Knot-ty Crop Top

yellow crop top

shop the look$39.99 from ModCloth

2. Off-the-Shoulder Top

black puff sleeve crop top

shop the look$44.95 from Eloquii

3. Corset Effect Crop Top

pink crop top

shop the look$15.75 from ASOS

4. Sportswear Stripe Crop Top

striped Nike crop top

shop the look$40 from Nordstrom

5. Ribbed Crop Top


brown crop top tank

shop the look$19.99 from Rebdolls

6. Puff Sleeve Floral Top

yellow floral crop top

shop the look$48 from ASOS

7. Talking Smock Crop Top

black crop top

shop the look$39.99 from ModCloth

8. Crop Foxy Cami

white cropped tank

shop the look$18.90 from Torrid

9. Camo Hooded Crop Top

bright blue crop top

shop the look$29.99 from Rebdolls

10. City at Night Crop Top

velvet crop top in black

shop the look$45 from Nordstrom

11. Smock Cropped Cami

yellow floral cropped cami

shop the look$34.50 from Torrid

12. Puff Sleeved Crop Top

black shiny crop top

shop the look$36.45 from ASOS

13. Wrap Floral Crop Top

tropical print crop top

shop the look$19.99 from Rebdolls

14. Rito Crop T-Shirt

olive crop top

shop the look$15.60 from Nordstrom

15. Feeling Knot-ty Crop Top

black and white crop top

shop the look$49 from ModCloth

16. The Crop Boy Tee

white cropped tee

shop the look$49 from Good American

17. It’s No Tie Satin Top

black silky cropped cami

shop the look$16 from Nasty Gal

18. Smocked Crop Cami

red patterned crop top

shop the look$39.50 from Torrid

19. Striped Crop Top

purple striped crop top

shop the look$19.99 from Rebdolls

20. Crop Top in Washed Black

black denim crop top

shop the look$38.40 from ASOS

21. Linen Look Cropped Shirt

UNRULY | I'm Pretty Sure There's No Such Thing as Owning Too Many Crop Tops

shop the look$20 from Missguided

22. Crop Top with Buttons

black button crop top

shop the look$69.95 from Eloquii

23. Waffle Crop Top

light pink crop top

shop the look$15.20 from ASOS

24. Embellished Crop Top

sparkly black crop top

shop the look — $103 from ASOS

25. Tie Dye Crop Top

tie-dye crop top

shop the look$15 from Rebdolls

26. Corset Button Crop

black crop top

shop the look — $115 from Good American

27. Pastel Orange Crinkle Top

mustard yellow crop top

shop the look$29 from ASOS