unruly is launching a plus-size fashion newsletter!

Big. News. Unruly is launching a newsletter. Because we know that no matter how much you love our content, there’s basically zero chance you’re checking our homepage every single day. (And if you are, reach out—we want to become best friends.) Why make you work for cool, size-inclusive content, when we could just send it straight to your inbox instead?

Here’s the deal: Every Friday, Maggie, our dear Editor-in-Chief, will send you an email full of her favorite Unruly stories from this week, her musings on life, etc. She’ll also shout out awesome plus-size/fashion stories she’s found elsewhere online. Because we don’t have a monopoly on this size-inclusive content thing—and we don’t want one. The world is better with more body-positive, fun, delightful stuff in it. We just want to deliver that stuff straight to you every Friday morn.

all we need? your email.

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