Plus-Size Bucket Hat Outfits

9 Ways to Build an Entire Outfit Around a Bucket Hat

Let’s take a few moments to quickly unpack the oddly-cool-but-also-kind-of-ugly bucket hat trend, shall we? We get it. The bucket hat can be… a lot. And although celebrities and influencers alike—Cue Kylie Jenner on vacation.—have deemed the style an acceptable fashion choice, it still takes a little time to get used to it. The ’90s- and early ’00s-inspired trend might not be the most approachable look of all time, but that doesn’t make it totally unwearable. We used to scoff at chunky dad sneakers, too, but figuring out how to wear them in an aesthetically pleasing way made the trend easier to stomach—and eventually cool. Like it or not, the bucket hat is here to stay, so we might as well figure out how the hell to build a few outfits around it, yeah?

First things first: Not all bucket hats are created equal. Due to their popularity—which is still a bit of a shocking truth, but there have been weirder trends—bucket hats are available in myriad patterns, colors and styles. From animal prints and tie-dye to neutral hues and the classic drawstring bucket hat (not a joke!!), there’s certainly no shortage of ways to wear the trend. The trick, however, isn’t figuring out which hat to choose—it’s figuring out how to style all kinds of bucket hats.

Fortunately, we have you covered. We’ve taken nine (!!!) different bucket hat styles and built outfits around each of them. What we found? It wasn’t actually that hard. Once you accept the fact that a bucket hat is just another accessory, it becomes much, much easier to work with. So set aside your confusion, disdain or unwillingness to try the trend and feast your eyes upon all the seriously cool outfits you can wear with a bucket hat. Dare we say?—Bucket hats are low-key cool. Read on to see for yourself.


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1. The Tie-Dye Bucket Hat

A black jumpsuit is one of the easiest articles of clothing to wear—so why not try elevating it with a tie-dye bucket hat? Add some classic cool-girl sunnies and a statement bag, and you’ve created a look worthy of any Instagram feed.

black jumpsuit, tie-dye bucket hat, black sunglasses, and blue purse

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bucket hat — $17 from PacSun
sunnies — $99 from Crap Eyewear
jumpsuit — $75.50 from Torrid
bag — $29.90 from Zara


2. The Plaid Bucket Hat

Another wardrobe staple? The denim dress. It goes with just about anything, which makes this dress the perfect way to test out a plaid bucket hat. Just pair it with some colorful sneakers to complete the outfit, and voila: You have an easy warm weather look.

pink bucket hat, denim dress, and yellow sneakers

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bucket hat — $24 from Urban Outfitters
dress — $34.99 from H&M
sneakers — $80 from Anthropologie


3. The Patchwork Bucket Hat

Ah, the patchwork bucket hat. It’s a classic—and a lot cuter than patchwork Bermuda shorts. Keep it neutral with this one by pairing the hat with a simple blouse and jeans. Let the bucket hat be the statement piece of the ensemble.

brown and white patchwork bucket hat, tan babydoll blouse, and mid-wash jeans

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bucket hat — $24 from Urban Outfitters
blouse — $98 from Anthropologie
jeans — $29.99 from H&M


4. The Animal Print Bucket Hat

Animal prints can essentially be labeled a neutral—and in the case of an animal print bucket hat, this is never truer. Add a fun pop of color (like a hot pink dress) and some cute sandals for an easy summer look that checks all the boxes.

black sandals, pink maxi dress, zebra print bucket hat

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bucket hat — $19 from Urban Outfitters
dress — $49.99 from H&M
sandals — $228 from Anthropologie


5.  The Brown Bucket Hat

Brown is always an easy neutral to play with. We’re particularly fond of pairing a brown bucket hat with sage green and white for a minimalist vibe. For summer, you can’t go wrong with a blazer and shorts combination.

white shorts, green jacket blazer, brown bucket hat

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bucket hat — $19.99 from Madewell
blazer — $69.99 from Addition Elle
shorts — $55 from Addition Elle


6. The Black Bucket Hat

Go full black and white with a little pop of color by pairing a black bucket hat with a jumpsuit, heels and some bright sunglasses. Rather than letting the bucket hat become the statement piece, you can put focus on a different accessory.

black and white floral jumpsuit, black bucket hat, blue sunglasses, and black heels

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bucket hat — $19.50 from Torrid
jumpsuit — $89 from Addition Elle
sunnies — $79 from Crap Eyewear
heels — $49.50 from Torrid


7. The Straw Bucket Hat

Vacation vibes? Yes, please. A straw bucket hat is basically the summery iteration of the trend. Treat it like you would any straw hat and pair the accessory with a fun top and bright sunnies.

dark wash jeggings, animal print tank top, green sunglasses, and straw bucket hat

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bucket hat — $14.98 from Nordstrom Rack
jeans — $29.99 from H&M
top — $68 from Anthropologie
sunnies — $79 from Crap Eyewear


8. The Chambray Bucket Hat

Keep cool—both literally and figuratively—this season by pairing a chambray bucket hat with a knit tank and paperbag-waist shorts. You can always dress up the look with some heels or go for a more casual vibe with some cute sandals. Either way, this look is a winner.

chambray bucket hat, light yellow tank, khaki shorts

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bucket hat — $20.99 from Madewell
top — $29 from Addition Elle
shorts — $24.99 from H&M


9. The Drawstring Bucket Hat

Of course, there’s always the classic drawstring bucket hat—the OG, if you will. Keep it simple by pairing this baby with a colorful swimsuit and slide sandals this summer.

red one-piece swimsuit, black bucket hat, tan slide sandals

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bucket hat — $24 from Urban Outfitters
swimsuit — $39.99 from H&M
sandals — $109 from Anthropologie