UNRULY | Plus Size Outfit Ideas

Enough Plus-Size Outfit Inspiration to Get You Through All of 2020 (and Then Some)

I’ll admit it: Getting dressed sometimes feels like a chore. As someone who prides herself on coming up with cute outfits on a daily basis (when I’m not working from home, that is), occasionally I lose inspiration and end up feeling uncreative with my looks. I’ve found, however, that creative and inspiring plus-size outfit ideas aboundโ€”if you know where to look.

Because we can’t all have the closets of Lizzo or Harry Styles (Ugh, can you imagine how good their combined wardrobes would be?!), getting creative with pieces we already have is the ultimate way to spice things up. Sure, we can add some new items along the wayโ€”I am, after all, a huge proponent of shoppingโ€”but it’s what we do with those pieces that really matters. There are some things you can find in nearly everyone’s wardrobe: a white sweater, a classic blazer, a printed maxi skirt and so on. Finding inspiration on how to give those pieces new life, though, is what creates outfits. Anyone can throw on jeans and a white tee and call it a day, but not everyone can find ways to make something simple into a truly stunning outfit.

Of course, some people are uniquely gifted at finding pieces and putting them together into iconic looks. There are so many plus-size fashion influencers in the world with myriad jaw-dropping ensembles just waiting to inspire you. Below, you’ll find 43 different plus-size outfit ideas for any and all occasions, seasons and styles. Whether you’re looking for your next going-out ensemble or want some daily office outfit inspiration, there’s no doubt you’ll find it amongst these chic looks.

1. White Blazer + White Pants + Neutral Sweater

2. Animal Print Top + Tulle Skirt + Oversized Sunnies

3. Graphic Tee + Polka Dot Midi Skirt + Denim Jacket

4. Pink Suit + Graphic Suit + Booties

5. Denim Top + Tie-Dye Midi Skirt + Booties

6. White Tee + Pink Jacket + Wide-Leg Pants

7. Floral Maxi Dress + Beaded Bag + Strappy Heels

8. Off-the-Shoulder Black Top + Black Jeans + Brown Bag

9. Pastel Pink Dress + Tortoiseshell Bag + Heels

10. White Sweater + Pink Blazer + Sequin Midi Skirt

11. Gold Suit + Black Heeled Booties

12. Neon Tee + Sporty Jacket + Ripped Jeans

13. Blue Floral Midi Skirt + Denim Jacket + Sneakers

14. Hot Pink Jumpsuit + Headband + Statement Earrings

15. Buttoned-Up Blazer + Ripped Jeans + Bow Heels

16. Pink Blazer + Shorts + Beaded Bag

17. Coveralls + Neck Scarf + Bright Belt Bag

18. Hot Pink Mini Dress + Heeled Booties

19. Black Sheer Top + Light-Wash Jeans

20. Pink Sweater + Pink Animal Print Midi Skirt

21. Blue Sundress + Black Wide-Brim Hat

22. Color-Blocked Athleisure Set

23. Colorful Striped Sweater + Wide-Leg Jeans

24. Silky Blouse + Overalls + Cat-Eye Sunnies

25. Black & White Polka Dot Dress + Pink Heels

26. Statement Coat + Platform Sneakers

27. Black Top + Black Wide-Leg Leather Pants

28. Green Summer Suit + White Tee

29. Silky Animal Print Matching Set

30. Oversized Button Down + Leggings + Sneakers

31. Pink Sweater + Animal Print Midi Skirt

32. White Dress + Pop of Color Bag

33. Animal Print Swimsuit + Denim Jacket

34. White Peplum Top + Flare Jeans + Platform Sandals

35. White Turtleneck + Pleated Maxi Skirt

36. All-Red-Everything

37. Yellow Top + Olive Pants + Sun Hat

38. Floral Maxi Dress + Leather Jacket

39. Silk Tank + Kimono Sweater + Skinny Jeans

40. Silky Animal Print Dress + Black Booties

41. Yellow Bralette & Pants + Green Button Down

42. Plaid Blouse + Skinny Jeans + Colorful Bag

43. Neon Jacket + Striped Pants + Neon Hat