How to Style Your Favorite Denim Skirt for Literally Any Season

It’s no secret that denim is a year-round wardrobe essential—in all of its many forms. This isn’t just limited to the skinny jean or denim jacket, though; the denim skirt is another surprisingly versatile must-have that works in all seasons. Whether there’s a chill in the air or the temperatures are too high to stay outside for more than 10 minutes, you can count on denim skirts to save the day—sartorially speaking, at least. Thankfully, just like most denim pieces, denim skirts are ridiculously easy to style. If you’re feeling a little unsure about it all, however, have no fear. We’ve put together plus-size denim skirt outfit ideas for every season. Winter, spring, summer or fall—denim skirts work for them all. (Sorry not about about the rhyme!!)

Here’s the deal: Just like your favorite cut of jeans, denim skirts come in plenty of cute styles and colors. Everything from an itty bitty light-wash mini skirt to a black midi denim skirt is available—and each can be worn no matter the weather outside. Typically, one might reserve the shortest skirts in their wardrobe for warmer months and the longer skirts for cooler temperatures, but with denim, there are far fewer rules. Yes, a denim mini works great for summer days, but paired with over-the-knee boots or tights, the style is also perfect for fall and winter. Midi and maxi denim skirts are adorable with a cozy turtleneck, but you can create a fun spring look by adding your favorite graphic tee or a crop top. The possibilities are, quite frankly, endless.

To help convince you we know what we’re talking about here, we’ve created some seriously cute plus-size denim skirt outfit ideas below for your perusal. Shop the looks in their entirety, or just recreate them with pieces in your own closet. Either way, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for styling your favorite denim skirts in every single season.

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1. The Sunny Summer Look

Summer practically begs for light-wash denim, so that’s exactly how we’re dressing this season. When the temperatures are hot, hot, hot, opt for a light-wash denim skirt paired with a fun floral tank. Add a pair of classic sunnies and a trendy bag, and you’re ready for your moment in the sun.

A collage with a plus-size denim skirt, floral tank top, black purse, and brown sunglasses.

shop the look

denim skirt — $37.99 from Old Navy
top — $21.24 from Target
bag — $35 from Topshop
sunnies — $68 from Gemma Styles x Baxter and Bonny

2. An Autumnal Affair

Fall is in incomparable season—especially when it comes to fashion. Thankfully, a darker wash denim skirt will fit right in with all your autumnal faves. Add a cute short-sleeve turtleneck, over-the-knee boots and a fun phone case to create the ultimate Instagram-worthy fall ensemble.

A collage with a plus-size denim skirt, green sweater, brown boots, and a phone case.

shop the look

denim skirt — $44.96 from American Eagle
top — $82 from Fashion Brand Company
shoes — $189.99 from Dillard’s
phone case — $50 from Casetify

3. Ringin’ in Spring

We don’t know about you, but something about spring just calls for denim on denim. Give it a whirl this season with a classic denim skirt paired with a light-wash denim blouse. Pair the look with your favorite fashion sneakers and some bold sunglasses, and you’ll be hearing compliments come at you from all angles.

A collage with a plus-size denim skirt, denim shirt, sneakers and pink sunglasses.

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denim skirt — $20.99 from Torrid
top — $88 from Anthropologie
shoes — $245 from Anthropologie
sunnies — $79 from Crap Eyewear

4. Winter? I Hardly Know Her

Yes, you can wear a denim skirt in winter, folks! We love a black midi denim skirt paired with a fun long cardigan for a cozy and stylish look. Top it off with some heeled booties (!!) and add a pop of color with your phone case. If it’s really chilly out, you can always swap out the sweater for a cropped puffer coat.

A collage with a black denim skirt, gray long sweater, heeled black booties, and a colorful phone case.

shop the look

denim skirt — $44.96 from American Eagle
sweater — $148 from Anthropologie
shoes — $48.65 from Torrid
phone case — $45 from Casetify