Plus-size black overalls, a striped sweater, sunglasses, neutral sneakers, and a black puffer tote.

Fall’s Easiest Outfit Recipe: Overalls + Anything

What was once a look most often donned by kindergarteners has come back to bless us all in a new way. There are few articles of clothing that look as good at age five as they do at 25 (and beyond!), but overalls are definitely one of them. Not only do they have the bit of nostalgia we crave—like when you watch your favorite childhood film or eat a dessert you always begged for as a kid—but they’re also so incredibly easy to style. Whether you’re running to the grocery store or out to lunch with your BFFs, there are plenty of plus-size overalls outfit ideas to try this season. And trust us—you won’t look like a toddler.

One of the best parts about wearing overalls is simply the fact that they already serve as the focal point of any outfit. They’re an ensemble’s pièce de résistance, if you will. So building looks around plus-size overalls is ridiculously simple, considering you already have main (and most important) component of your outfit. From there, all you have to do is pick the perfect top and accessories. With just a little bit of forethought, you really can’t lose.

Of course, not all overalls look the same. You have different denim washes, classic black overalls, and even shortalls (!)—which are actually much more versatile through all seasons than you might imagine. With these pieces, you can add turtlenecks, chunky knits, loungewear pieces, and more to create the ideal outfit base. Nearly any top you’d also pair with your favorite jeans can be worn with overalls. It’s that simple.

To get those brain motors rolling, though, it always helps to have a bit of inspiration. Plus-size overalls outfit ideas come in all forms—so whether you’re into cool and casual weekend looks or ensembles that are definitely worthy of your Instagram feed, you can find your next favorite outfit below. No kindergartner has ever looked this chic.

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1. The Mid-Wash Overalls & Turtleneck ‘Fit

It’s a tale as old as time: overalls and turtlenecks. They’re the perfect pairing for chillier temperatures, and look even better when you add a puffer tote (!!), animal print booties, and seriously cool sunglasses.

Plus-size overalls, a black turtleneck, black puffer tote, sunglasses, and a snake print booties.

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overalls — $28 from Boohoo
top — $34.50 from Loft
shoes — $198 from Madewell
bag — $40 from Target
sunglasses — $180 from Revolve

2. The Black Overalls & Chunky Knit Look

One of the most fun way to wear overalls is with a chunky sweater. Try pairing a striped knit with black overalls for look that’s elevated with a little childlike flare. Add your cutest pair of sneakers and a fashion backpack, and you’ve got your next weekend look on lock.

Black plus-size overalls, a striped sweater, black tote bag, and sneakers.

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overalls — $120 from Universal Standard
top — $118 from Anthropologie
shoes — $75 from Skechers
bag — $45.99 from Topshop

3. The Dark Wash Overalls & Sweatshirt Combo

For days you can’t imagine putting on anything that isn’t ridiculously comfortable, try wearing a pair of dark wash overalls with a cozy sweatshirt. You can still turn this into a major fashion moment, though—just add cat-eye sunnies, heeled booties, and a statement phone case. Voila!

Dark wash plus-size overalls, a purple sweatshirt, black booties, sunglasses, and a phone case.

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overalls — $57.99 from Old Navy
top — $59.50 from Madewell
shoes — $115 from Everlane
sunglasses — $79 from Crap Eyewear
phone case — $45 from Casetify

4. The Washed Black Overalls & Printed Turtleneck

Oops, we did it again. And by “it,” we mean added a turtleneck with a pair of overalls. (It’s a classic, OK?) Try pairing your washed black overalls with a fun printed turtleneck, neutral booties, and a show-stopping neon tote bag for a look that just won’t quit.

Washed black plus-size overalls, a turtleneck, neon tote bag, and brown booties.

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overalls — $49.99 from H&M
top — $34.50 from Loft
shoes — $129.95 from Nordstrom
bag — $48 from Topshop

5. The Shortalls & Animal Print Sweater Ensemble

Of course, not all overalls have to feature long pants. Shortalls are one of the cutest ways to wear overalls, and they work just as well in fall and winter as they do when it’s warm outside. Just add a cute animal print sweater, puffer coat, and combat boots. Chic—with a youthful twist.

Plus-size short overalls, an animal print sweater, black puffer coat, and black combat boots.

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overalls — $44.50 from CoEdition
top — $47.99 from Old Navy
jacket — $69.99 from H&M
shoes — $180 from Topshop