An influencer wearing a pair of plus-size palazzo pants from ELOQUII.

The $90 Palazzo Pants Influencers Can’t Get Enough Of

The ’70s called, and they want their trends back—but we’re not budging. While it’s no secret that all things old are new again, today’s vintage-inspired pieces have gotten some major upgrades. Flare jeans may simply be reimagined bellbottoms, but they feature updated details that bring them into 2021. Designers have even turned clunky ’70s clogs into chic Instagram-worthy shoes. (!) Brands are quickly breathing new life into these older trends—including one particular pair of plus-size plissé palazzo pants from ELOQUII that influencers can’t stop wearing. (And for good reason.)

These ’70s-inspired pants feature wide legs and a gorgeous vintage green color—but an of-the-moment plissé detail that ensures they stand out in a sea of other trendy pieces. Not to mention, the soft fabric and elastic waistband make this pair of pants irresistible in terms of comfort. Frankly, there’s nothing to sacrifice here. Just one really good pair of pants that’s equal parts cute and comfy.

And we’re definitely not the only ones who have become obsessed with these adorable and billowy bottoms. Some of our favorite influencers have been styling these plus-size plissé palazzo pants from ELOQUII in the most iconic ways—proving they’re incredibly versatile (on top of everything else).

Plus-size model Alex LaRosa (@alexlarosa) paired her palazzo pants with a matching top—Can’t resist a coordinated set!—sneakers, and a seriously chic belt bag. “I love a casual luxury vibe and these pants are exactly that!” she tells Unruly. “They can be dressed up but they also look great with a pair of sneakers!” Whether it’s for an easy weekend look or bougie date night, you can’t go wrong.

Of course, Alex isn’t the only influencer who fell in love with these stunning pants—or the only one who understands the power of a matching set. “I love to wear the pants with the matching top. The pairing feels extra glam with strong ’70s vibes,” says plus-size creative Jamie Hamilton (@jamie_jetaime). “The pants have a vintage feeling, yet are completely on-trend,” she adds. “They look straight out of the ’70s, but with the trending plissé texture to bring it to 2021.”

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If you’re not into matchy-matchy vibes, though, we get it. So we’re taking some cues from Ansley Morgan (@ansleymorgan), who paired her palazzo pants with a classic white button-down. “Right now, I love styling them with big button-downs for a very oversized and flowing look, but I can see myself wearing these in so many different ways!” she says. And it’s true. You could opt for a puff-sleeve top or a cool graphic tee to switch things up. There’s no wrong way to wear these pants.

Another bonus according to Ansley? Effortless luxury—thanks to both the bronze green hue and the soft fabric. “I also love the color, because it’s easy to style with lots of things and the fabric is so much more luxurious in person.”

What really seems to seal the deal on these pants, though, is the fact that they’re comfortable enough to wear all day. Which is exactly why plus-size influencer @chinenye_chanel snagged a pair in the first place. “What drew me to the pants is the pleated design and how comfortable they look,” she tells Unruly. “I’m all for an outfit that’s cute and comfortable at the same time.” And clearly, so are we.

Overall, these gorgeous pants check every single box—including a price-point that hits under $100. ELOQUII has yet to release these pants in other colors, but when they do, our virtual carts will be stocked. Until then, we’ll be ogling over these green plissé palazzo pants like it’s our job.

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