This Size-Inclusive Selkie Dress Is Instagram’s Favorite Statement-Maker

Some dresses are simply magical. They ooze elegance and luxury. They’re endlessly versatile. They’re statement-making in every way. And the best of the best within this elite group? They’re the ones that are size-inclusive. (!) After all, everyone deserves to own a truly magical dress in their lifetime. Enter: Instagram’s favorite powerhouse brand, Selkie. With gorgeous frocks available in sizes XS through 5X, it’s no wonder everyone—including some of our favorite influencers—have fallen in love with the plus-size Selkie dress collection.

From a puffy rainbow mini dress to a green a white floral midi, Selkie’s offerings range from neutral to perfectly over-the-top. The one thing each design has in common, though—other than being stunning and size-inclusive—is the addition of a puffy sleeve. (As if things couldn’t get any better, right?) Each and every Selkie dress is outfitted with a set of puffy sleeves that transcends the entire brand. For those who have ever wanted to embody a fairy, an angel, or a princess, any plus-size Selkie dress is here to grant your wish.

Of course, what’s a truly perfect dress without inspiration on how, exactly, to wear it out in the world? Have no fear—Instagram has your back. The Internet’s go-to statement-maker has a fanbase that’s full of styling tips. All there’s left to do is pick your favorite plus-size Selkie dress and wait anxiously for it to arrive at your door.

1. The Rainbow Puff Dress

why stephanie loves the selkie dress

I love how loudly it goes against what society thinks fat women should wear! It’s low-cut, mega short, frou-frou, loud, and draws all the attention. It’s such a beautiful silhouette that I think looks amazing on fat bodies and allows us to feel soft, ethereal and super-feminine.

how to style your favorite

This is a dress that commands a lot of attention—therefore I think it’s great to keep any extra accessories/jewelry to an absolute minimum. Ideally, if I were to go down the editorial route, I would love to find a pair of plus-size white thigh socks and team them with a pair of killer heels. (The Vivienne Westwood Elevated Ghillie heels come to mind.) As an everyday look, I love pairing the dress with a pair of Doc Martens!

2. The Ivory Puff Dress

why sarennya loves the selkie dress

I love how the brand is size-inclusive and makes dresses that fit well and look beautiful! I was particularly drawn to this white dress because of the colour, i think it looks amazing against my skin and it adds to the angelic aesthetic. The puff sleeves and skirt make me feel so youthful and whimsical; I love what wearing it evokes in me.

how to style your favorite

I love styling this piece two ways! The first is leaning into the fantasy of it a bit more, with ornate gold hair accessories and jewellery to match. It adds to the whimsy and the delicate feeling of the dress. The second way I like to style it is with a very simple necklace and combat boots to contrast the softness of the dress and to give the outfit a little more edge.

3. The Pink Puff Dress

why april loves the selkie dress

What I love most is the feeling I get inside when I wear a Selkie Puff Dress. Even on the saddest of days, that one beautiful whimsical garment will bring happiness and excitement back to your day, even if only for a few hours. Everyone deserves a dress that makes them feel the way The Puff Dress makes you feel! Also, I love that the sizing is very inclusive. There aren’t many high fashion brands that carry up to a 5X!

how to style your favorite

My absolute favorite way to style it is to pair it with a contrast color bra, ankle booties, and my hair tied back with ribbon. It makes me feel like a rebellious princess in her daytime garb! In the warmer months, I love wearing the cotton puff dresses braless with Birkenstock sandals and my hair worn naturally with a cute pair of earrings. Truly, the Puff Dress can be styled in so many ways! It’s all about your personal story you want to tell.

4. The Summer Field French Puff Dress

why greivy loves the selkie dress

I love how playful the Selkie dresses are, and how anyone any age and size can wear it and feel beautiful. It also makes people around you happy! When I wear my Selkie, I can’t help but twirl and be playful, and people always share a sweet compliment.

how to style your favorite

Every time I wear my Selkie dresses (I have a green and a multi-color), I pair them up with Dr. Martens. There’s something about a boot that makes me feel empowered. Like, “Hey, I look cute feel cute but I’m tough!”

5. The Rainbow French Puff Dress

why michelle loves the selkie dress

When I chose this Selkie dress, I was immediately drawn to the rainbow print. I specifically chose this one for the colors and movement. I knew it would be impactful and would photograph beautifully. I gravitate towards midi dresses and full sleeves as I prefer a little more coverage these days. This dress is basically an adult version of a fairy princess dress—and what you’d imagine wearing to a teddy bear tea party. I love the whimsical nature of a Selkie dress. From their soft watercolors to cloud prints, you really can’t go wrong with any of their dresses.

how to style your favorite

When wearing a statement dress, I think it’s important to keep things simple and let the dress speak for itself. For summer I’ll probably wear it barefoot with a flower crown, and I imagine wearing it while running through a field of wildflowers. But for NYFW this past winter, I paired it with fresh white boots and girly touches like lace gloves and a handmade floral face mask. I think the experience of coordinating with my daughter in her Selkie mini dress made it even more exciting. For me, everything is better while twinning.