Treat Yourself to an Array of Cute Spring Outfits

As temperatures warm up, flowers bloom, and life becomes more colorful in every way, a fresh start seems inevitable. We lean into new trends. We deep clean our homes. We update our wardrobes—all for the sake of a new beginning. Spring has the power to ground and excite us at the same time. And though it happens every single year, shedding our winter layers never ceases to feel incredible. Not to mention, the season gives us plenty of excuses to try new (sometimes trendy, sometimes classic) plus-size spring outfits. Which, in our opinion, is something that’s always worth celebrating.

There’s just something satisfying about changing things up sartorially—whether that means swapping out your puffer coat for a classic denim jacket this spring or experimenting with styles you’ve never worn before. The changing seasons (and especially the transition from winter to spring) give us the opportunity to refresh our closets in ways we might not necessarily do mid-fall or in the hottest days of summer. Warmer temperatures give us an actual, tangible reason to try different outfits and shop for new pieces.

Of course, like any season, there are plenty of go-to plus-size spring outfits that work from year to year. Just swap in the latest trends as denim styles change (RIP to our skinnies) or certain tops go viral on TikTok. The key with spring dressing is to stock up on basics—a floral dress, a crop top you love, and maybe a pair of bike shorts—and then add in of-the-moment pieces and accessories where they fit. You’ll still feel like you’re giving your closet a major refresher, but you won’t have to buy an entirely new wardrobe. (A win-win!)

Keep reading for a bit of spring outfit inspiration, too. After all, everyone needs a few ideas to start their journey off right.

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1. The Colorblock Maxi Skirt

Spring is, perhaps, the ideal season for maxi skirts—and we can’t help but fall in love with this colorblocked look. Pair the skirt with a neutral crop top, heeled sandals, and your favorite pair of sunnies. Easy, breezy, and chic AF.

A collage with a striped skirt, beige tank top, black sunglasses, and black heels.

shop the look

top — $85 from WRAY
skirt — $65.50 from Torrid
shoes — $350 from La Canadienne
sunglasses — $79 from Crap Eyewear

2. The Bright Button-Down

Dress like the foliage this spring, folks. A brightly-colored button-down is a fun and simple option that works in just about any setting. For a casual vibe, add some wide-leg jeans, animal print slides, and a trendy bag. Voila.

A collage with a green top, jeans, blue purse, and slide sandals.

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top — $29.99 from Mango
jeans — $34.99 from H&M
shoes — $144 from R0AM
bag — $64.90 from JW Pei

3. The One With the Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are a warm-weather necessity—full stop. Paired with an oversized neutral tee, dramatic sunnies, and colorful clogs, you can’t lose. And if there’s a bit of a breeze? Just layer a denim jacket over the ‘fit.

A collage with bike shorts, a brown T-shirt, pink Croc clogs, and black sunglasses.

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top — $12.99 from H&M
shorts — $19.50 from Torrid
shoes — $59.99 from Crocs
sunglasses — $189 from Apercu Eyewear

4. The Crop Top Combo

A ripped jeans and crop top combination feels made for spring. And when you add in a pair of chunky loafers and a pastel shoulder bag, you have a near-perfect ensemble on your hands. This look is Instagram-worthy for sure.

A collage with a zebra print top, jeans, a purple bag, and black loafers.

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top — $158 from WRAY
jeans — $34.99 from H&M
shoes — $375 from La Canadienne
bag — $49.95 from ELOQUII

5. The Quintessential Floral Dress

No spring wardrobe is complete without a floral dress, folks—so pair your favorite frock with a leather tote, heeled sandals, and a coordinating phone case (!) this season. It’s a bit of a no-brainer ensemble, and it works every single time.

A collage with a floral dress, black heels, black bag, and a phone case.

shop the look

dress — $69.90 from Torrid
shoes — $29.99 from Target
bag — $328 from HOBO
phone case — $55 from Casetify