A sparkly black wide-fit bootie.

Life Is Better in a Pair of Sparkly Shoes

It’s just a fact: Sparkles can make anything better. Frankly, you could cover a pile of garbage in glitter, and it would probably become a piece of art, marveled at by all. And the effect is the same with wide-fit sparkly shoes. They’re just somehow cuter than others—simply due to the fact they’re covered in glitter or sequins. Sparkles are just that powerful.

Not to mention, wide-fit sparkly shoes are endlessly festive. Sure, you can wear them year-round—and it’s encouraged that you do so—but they’re especially perfect for holiday events or big celebrations. Got a holiday party coming up and want to jazz up your LBD? Just add a pair of sparkly heels. On your way to a birthday dinner with your friends and want to dazzle your crush? Try some sparkly booties. Looking to up your mirror selfie game at home? A pair of sparkly slippers will do the trick. The answer to any sartorial quandary is usually just to…add sparkles.

Seriously, you won’t regret trading out your go-to black Chelsea boots for something with a little bit of glitter, or keeping your nude heels in the closet and swapping them out for a pair of sparkly pumps. Sparkles elevate any look and make it so much more fun. And if fashion and getting dressed can’t be fun, then what’s the point? So do yourself a favor and add a little sparkle to your step—literally.

If you’re ready to take the leap into the land of all-things-sparkle, keep reading. You’ll find the absolute cutest wide-fit sparkly shoes to shop below. And we won’t even blame you if every pair gets added to your online cart.

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1. Black Glitter Shimmer Tapered Heel

Sparkly black wide-fit heels.

shop the look — $35.70 from Torrid

2. Dream Cloud Skylar Glitter-Heel Bootie

Sparkly black heeled booties.

shop the look — $39 from Lane Bryant

3. Touch Ups by Benjamin Walk Zoey Sandal

Sparkly silver wide-fit heels.

shop the look — $59.99 from DSW

4. Grey Velvet Bow & Sequin Pointed Toe Mule

Sparkly silver wide-fit bow flats.

shop the look — $23.70 from Torrid

5. Betsey Johnson Black Sequin Block Heel Bootie

Sparkly black booties.

shop the look — $84 from Torrid

6. Dream Cloud Glitter-Heel Pump

Sparkly black wide-fit heels.

shop the look — $41.97 from Lane Bryant

7. Black-Tone Metallic Glitter Sneaker

Sparkly black wide-fit sneakers.

shop the look — $33.30 from Torrid

8. Touch Ups by Benjamin Walk Tarynhh Sandal

Sparkly gold wide-fit heels.

shop the look — $44.99 from DSW

9. ASOS DESIGN Wide-Fit Virtue Ballet Flats

Sparkly gold wide-fit flats.

shop the look — $23 from ASOS

10. Silver Shimmer Slipper

Sparkly silver wide-fit slippers.

shop the look — $23.70 from Torrid