A white pointed-toe patent leather ankle boot juxtaposed with colorful graphic elements

The Everlane Ankle Boots That Left My Entire Wardrobe Feeling New Again

Closet-full-of-clothes-and-nothing-to-wear syndrome plagues us all. And it presents no obvious solution. We can either purchase an entirely new wardrobe (an impractical feat for anyone with space or budget constraints). Or we can, simply, get over it. Neither option offers much hope or satisfaction. Recently, though, I’ve stumbled upon a loophole in the system: You don’t need to buy a new wardrobe—you just need to find an item that leaves your wardrobe feeling new again. For me, that sartorial silver bullet was a $236 pair of Everlane ankle boots.

Before we go any further, let me make something clear: I’m not a shoe person. I like looking at them, but I don’t like buying them—and I certainly don’t enjoy spending $236 on them. I spent weeks toiling over the question of whether or not to buy these boots. And now that I’ve spent a full six months wearing them, I can honestly say: I wouldn’t just do it again—I have considered doing it again. I’ve legitimately considered dropping another $236 on the same pair of shoes just to ensure I never have to live without these beauties. Because I’m not absolutely made of money, I’ve reined that instinct in. Still, the thought continues to tempt me (and likely will until these booties eventually go out of stock).

A pair of pointed-toe, white, patent leather Everlane ankle boots

shop it – $236 from Everlane

I first came across these patent leather boots when I was in dire need of a dress shoe. I’d discarded my last go-to booties when one of the soles wore in. But even they didn’t do everything I needed them to. A pair of black Chelsea boots, they played well with any blouse-and-jeans ensemble I threw together, but they failed to complement any of my skirts or dresses. I needed a heel I could wear during any season—and a comfortable one, too. This shoe needed to take me places, and it didn’t need to leave my feet blistered after an hour of wear.

The Everlane ankle boots intrigued me, because they looked genuinely comfortable. The heel was tall enough to feel delicate, short enough to feel wearable, and thick enough to feel reliably walkable. The white patent leather looked soft, but structured. And the zipper along the side ensured I’d never have to shove my foot in the shoe or recruit someone else to help me pull it off. These observations proved apt: The shoes turned out to be exactly as lovely as imagined. I never thought I’d be the kind of person who wears heels on the daily, but these boots are so ridiculously comfortable they’ve turned me into one.

They’re also really, really cute. The white patent leather is just shiny enough to feel retro. And with their sleek silhouette, the shoes feel sophisticated and fun all at once. They’re the kind of boots you’d be thrilled to find at a thrift shop—minus the scuffs, creases, and worn-in soles that tend to accompany second-hand wear.

Even more exciting, though, is the fact that these boots have left every piece in my closet feeling new again. Slouchy, old tees have been rendered party-worthy. Blouses feel chic, rather than stuffy. And my vast array of vintage clothing has finally found a shoe that understands it. Standard black heels don’t do vibrant sequins and shoulder pads justice. Statement details demand a statement shoe—and they’ve found a surprisingly versatile one in these boots. Not to mention, these boots have managed to inspire new outfits. Pieces that once seemed impossible to pair are now begging to be united, so long as these boots are the cherry on top.

When I finally committed to dropping $236 on these shoes, I did so reluctantly—completely prepared to send them back if they didn’t live up to my (admittedly high) standards. But after slipping them on my feet, I began searching for excuses to wear them. Dinners out, coffeeshop meetings, and trips to the store quickly became heel-worthy occasions. Even now, when the only place I’m going is my dad’s house, I’ve contemplated slipping them on. Sure, I’d have to take them off the moment I walk through the door. But a 15-minute car ride qualifies as an occasion these days, right? For these shoes, it certainly deserves to be.

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