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Summer’s Statement Earrings Are a Pick-Me-Up in the Form of an Accessory

One could argue that tops and bottoms are the most important parts of any outfit. They’re the veritable foundation of any look; the ensemble simply couldn’t exist without them. One could argue, too, that shoes are even more important, as they lend an outfit its overall mood. The right pair of shoes can take a tee-and-jeans combo from “lounging at home” to “hitting the bar,” transforming an entire look with a mere closed-toe and elevated heel.

One would be remiss, though, not to acknowledge the immense power a piece of seriously bold jewelry can possess. Statement earrings can render even the most banal look Instagram-worthy. By dangling a couple show-stopping baubles from your ears, you’re signaling to the world that your outfit is more than just a combination of clothing—it’s a moment, it’s a visual experience, it’s a look.

Statement earrings offer outfits an added dose of ceremony during any season—giving texture to our layered fall ensembles, brightening up our somber winter looks, and lending some much-needed heft to our airy spring florals. But during the summer, statement earrings really come into their own. They’re invited to be as vibrant as possible, as bold as possible, and often, as ridiculously kitschy as possible, too. During no other season will you find metallic earrings shaped like lobsters, and drop earrings covered in rainbow beads, and hoop earrings adorned with haphazardly painted shells. The entire season is a motley crew of the strangest, most delightful trends in our zeitgeist—and it shows in our statement earrings.

The beauty of summer statement earrings is that while they’re undeniably striking, they’re also inherently effortless. They do the work for you. They’ll elevate any maximalist ensemble to new levels of statement-making. They’ll render your poolside look an excuse for a photo opp. They’ll dress up the silk PJs you wore to bed—making them look like an actual outfit intended to be worn outside.

No, statement earrings aren’t the technical core of your outfit. But they’re the thing that leaves your outfit feeling greater than the sum of its parts. And they demand almost nothing from you. Just a handful of money, a little time spent shopping, and the discipline to pop them into your ears before you leave the house.

Here at Unruly, we’re committed to featuring plus-size pieces we genuinely love and want to share with you. We’re connected to an affiliate revenue program, which means we might make a small commission when you buy products through our shopping guides. This in no way affects the pieces we choose to feature, and it never will. (Confused? We’d love to answer any questions you have about this. Email us at!)

1. Beaded Natural Pearl Hoop Earrings

Beaded hoop earrings

shop it$19.90 from Zara

2. We Mumble Hand Earrings

Metal drop earrings shaped like outlined hands

shop it$62 from Meek

3. Plant Lady Earrings

Green and yellow drop earrings that say "PLANT" and "LADY"

shop it$30 from Siizu

4. Mega Stud Earrings

Large orange stud earrings

shop it$18 from Topshop

5. Dappled Shapes Earrings

Piecey white drop earrings with gray speckles

shop it$34 from Mata Traders

6. Deepa by Deepa Gurnani Britt Earrings

Blue sequin and beaded statement earrings

shop it – $36 from Shopbop

7. Salma Hoop Earrings

Thick peach hoop earrings

shop it$38 from Anthropologie

8. Venessa Arizaga Shell and Pearl Drop Earrings

Beaded drop earrings with white pearls and teal and yellow shells

shop it$73 from Farfetch

9. Woll Jewelry Mod Flower Posts

Statement earrings shaped like retro orange flowers

shop it$50 from Bando

10. Resin Hoop Earrings

Thick off-white resin hoop earrings

shop it$19.90 from Zara

11. Marni Fish-Detail Earrings

Drop earrings shaped like black and gold fish

shop it$293 from Farfetch

12. Sophie Monet Colombo Drop Earrings

Wood drop earrings shaped like squiggles

shop it$218 from Anthropologie

13. Ramona Clip-On Earrings

Maximalist earrings covered in rainbow beads

shop it$148 from Anthropologie

14. Blade & Knoll Brass Arch Earrings

Metal drop earrings shaped like upside-down Us

shop it$75 from Meek

15. Sachin & Babi Adella Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings covered in large thick beads

shop it$138 from Anthropologie

16. Isabel Marant Asymmetrical Earrings

Asymmetrical drop earrings, one shaped like a blue diamond and the other shaped like a white circle

shop it$94.50 from Shopbop

17. Chunky Orange Resin Earrings

Thick tangerine hoop earrings

shop it$15 from Topshop

18. Venessa Arizaga Moonlight Beach Leopard Shell Earring

Beaded drop earrings crafted from white pearls and shells painted with cheetah spots

shop it$95 from Urban Outfitters

19. Nia Face Earrings

Red drop earrings shaped like faces

shop it$35 from Siizu

20. Ombre Pebble Drop Hoop Earrings

Drop earrings crafted from aqua and yellow ombre beads

shop it$28 from Topshop

21. Four Eyes Ceramics Ripple Earrings

White drop earrings that look like squiggles

shop it$75 from Meek

22. Woll Jewelry Mini Beet Earrings

Statement earrings shaped like radishes

shop it$45 from Bando

23. Mignonne Gavigan Leopard Hoop Earrings

Thick hoop earrings embroidered with cheetah spots

shop it$328 from Anthropologie

24. Rainbow Rhinestone Hanging Earrings

Asymmetrical statement earrings crafted from iridescent rhinestones

shop it$49 from & Other Stories

25. The Latch Key Emmie Earrings

Thick blue drop earrings

shop it$100 from Madewell

26. Natural Pearl Shell Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings covered in white and black beads

shop it$19.90 from Zara

27. Matisse Leaf Earrings

Yellow drop earrings designed to resemble the leaves in one of Matisse's collages

shop it$32 from Mata Traders

28. Baublebar Mirador Link Drop Earrings

Chain link drop earrings crafted from emerald green resin

shop it$38 from Shopbop

29. Karl Lagerfeld Open Heart Large Earrings

Silver wire drop earrings shaped like hearts

shop it$80 from Farfetch

30. Resin Lobster Drop Earrings

Drop earrings shaped like metallic red lobsters

shop it$6.99 from Forever 21

31. Oval Resin Earrings

Drop earrings crafted from off-white resin and gold wire ovals

shop it$19.90 from Zara

32. Resin Link Drop Earrings

Thick tangerine resin drop earrings

shop it$19.80 from Topshop

33. Aym Green Amethyst and Pearl Drop Earrings

Drop earrings crafted from imperfectly shaped pearls and yellow and blue studs

shop it$68 from Farfetch

34. Fuschia Bead Drop Hoop Earrings

Drop earrings crafted from thick, hot pink circular beads

shop it$22 from Topshop

35. The Latch Key Avery Earrings

Black and white statement earrings shaped like upside-down Us

shop it$100 from Madewell

36. Venessa Arizaga Palm Tree Charm Hoop Earring

Small gold hoop earrings adorned with shells covered in red paint

shop it$150 from Urban Outfitters

37. Sophie Monet Serra Drop Earrings

Drop earrings crafted from large, flat wooden beads

shop it$198 from Anthropologie

38. Four Eyes Ceramics Link Earrings

Statement stud earrings that look like large sage green Os

shop it$55 from Meek

39. Shell Disc Cascade Earrings

Drop earrings crafted from flat, pearlescent beads

shop it$28 from Topshop

40. Woll Jewelry Mini Carrot Earrings

Drop earrings that look like carrots

shop it$45 from Bando

41. Sophie Monet The Petal Earrings

Drop earrings crafted from large, somewhat flat wooden beads

shop it$24.60 from Shopbop

42. Caqui by Apres Ski Son Earrings

Statement stud earrings that resemble large, geometric olive flowers

shop it$64 from Bando

43. Venessa Arizaga Summer Shell Earrings

Small drop earrings with hot pink and orange ombre shells

shop it$53 from Farfetch

44. Sublime Heart Earrings

Heart-shaped hoop earrings covered in beaded flowers

shop it$74 from Free People

45. Soko Organic Mixed Material Square Earrings

Drop earrings crafted from an array of flat gold and black beads

shop it$78 from Shopbop

46. Flower Drop Earrings

Drop earrings shaped like mod, neon yellow and millennial pink flowers

shop it$4.99 from Forever 21

47. Nada Earrings

Orange and red statement earrings, crafted from imperfect O- and U-shaped beads

shop it$35 from Siizu

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