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An Ode to Fluffy Slippers, the One Accessory It’s Reasonable to Buy Right Now

There are moments of coziness that we all experience without really trying: eating at a restaurant where the fireplace is lit, holding a warm coffee on a chilly day, encountering a boatload of lit candles that smell ridiculously relaxing—The list goes on. When circumstances where we feel effortlessly warm and snug don’t present themselves, however, we’re left to create our own situations in which we can emulate that cozy feeling. Of course, the next-best way to create coziness is through our clothing, considering the fact that a) we can control it, and b) there are so many comfy clothes available. Since it’s common—and relatively emblematic—to start at the bottom and work our way up, the first stop on the journey to ~controlled coziness~ is the one, the only: fluffy slippers. (All hail.)

The fuzzy slipper is, perhaps, the most likable of any shoe. And while society hasn’t quite deemed it appropriate for outside (Unless you consider fuzzy boots a type of slipper—which they are not.) it’s ideal for wearing indoors with any type of outfit. Sweatpants and the t-shirt you’ve had since fifth grade? Slippers are a perfect match. Your favorite sundress and denim jacket? Slippers. A sleek and sophisticated suit worthy of trying a case in front of the Supreme Court? Yes, slippers look great with that, too. If you’re inside, the only shoe that should be on your feet is a pair of fluffy freakin’ slippers. Your feet will thank you for creating this cozy moment for them (and you).

Whether you’re someone whose feet are always cold even when the rest of you is constantly a burning flame (*cough* me) or you’re stuck inside and want to traipse around on the shoe-version of a cloud, fluffy slippers are the answer to your woes. Below, you’ll find more pairs of fluffy slippers than you should probably ever own. Do yourself a favorite and snag some (or all—No judgement here).

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Lavender Ugg Slippers

1. Urban Outfitters & UGG Oh Yeah Slide Sandal — $100

Cream Fuzzy Slippers

2. Addition Elle Faux Fur Crossover Slippers — $12

Brown and Black Fuzzy Slippers

3. ASOS DESIGN Neve Cross Strap Sliders — $14

Gray Fuzzy Slippers

4. ASOS Loungeable Faux Fur Slipper — $16

Leopard Print Slippers

5. UO Printed Sherpa Slipper — $24

Bright Blue Slippers

6. Anthropologie & EMU Australia Mayberry Slippers — $60

Brown Fuzzy Slippers

7. Nordstrom & Minnetonka Sheepskin Mule Slipper — $66.95

Heart Patterned Slippers

8. ASOS & Truffle Collection Heart Print Slipper — $16

Melon Pink Ugg Slippers

9. Nordstrom & UGG Fluff Yeah Genuine Shearling Slide — $99.95

Pink and Yellow Fuzzy Slippers

10. ASOS DESIGN Zazzy Faux Fur Slippers — $19

Pink Fuzzy Slippers

11. ASOS & Women’secret Cross Over Slipper — $24

Leopard Print Ugg Slippers

12. Nordstrom & UGG Fluff Yeah Genuine Shearling Slide — $99.95

Dark Brown Fuzzy Slippers

13. Nordstrom & Minnetonka ‘Alpine’ Genuine Shearling Moccasin Slipper — $59.95

Light Pink Ugg Slippers

14. Nordstrom & UGG Fluff Yeah Genuine Shearling Slide — $99.95