Plus-Size Bermuda Shorts Outfits

9 Summer Outfits That Start with a Pair of Bermuda Shorts

In case you missed it, Bermuda shorts are back—in a big way. Cut-offs and bike shorts continue to play supporting roles, but the reigning champion for summer is the down-to-your-knees Bermuda short. Don’t blame the messenger though; We’re just as baffled as you probably are. Bermuda shorts are reminiscent of middle school in the early aughts and dads trying to look comfortable on vacation—but we found they can actually be chic as hell. As many of fashion-lovers have come to learn, any trend can be made wearable when paired with the right pieces. So, we decided to put together a few plus-size Bermuda shorts outfits to prove that this 2006 comeback is low-key a cute summer look. Hold your applause, thanks.

If you’re still in denial that this trend has made a comeback, take a look at any plus-size clothing retailer. Odds are, they have at least one pair of Bermuda shorts on offer this season. Denim Bermuda shorts, colorful Bermuda shorts, Bermuda suit shorts—You name it. This trend is everywhere, so we all might as well lean in and find ways to make it work for street style ‘fits, backyard photoshoots and even date nights. All of this really is possible; You just have to find the right pieces to wear with your Bermuda shorts. And frankly, it’s not as difficult as it might sound.

Use a pair of Bermuda shorts as a base and build an outfit around it this summer. Snagged a pair of ripped denim Bermudas? Add a simple bodysuit and some bright sunnies for a cute ‘n sporty look. Have a pair of khaki Bermuda shorts from the summer you were a tour guide? Throw on a flow-y blouse and colorful mules for an unexpected flirty ensemble. When you let go of the stigma that Bermuda shorts have—especially those who were going through puberty during their initial popularity—you’ll be amazed at all the Instagram-worthy summer outfits you can create with this trend. Have some fun with it, and remember that confidence is the key to making anything (even a pair of Bermuda shorts) look stylish AF.

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1. The Dark Denim Bermuda Short

Treat a pair of high-waisted dark wash Bermuda shorts like you would any other style. Throw on a cute cropped tank, fashion sneakers and oh-so-cool sunnies, and you’ll have everyone around you wondering why they haven’t tried the Bermuda short trend yet.

A collage with a mustard tank top, denim Bermuda shorts, pink sunglasses and sneakers.

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shorts — $34.99 from H&M
top — $39.50 from Torrid
shoes — $190 from Anthropologie
sunnies — $79 from Crap Eyewear

2. The Pink Bermuda Short

A pink Bermuda short might seem like a difficult color to make work—but keeping things flirty and simple is key. Add an oversized white button down (Try a French tuck with it!), some white slide sandals and heart-shaped sunnies for look that’s both comfortable and Insta-worthy.

A collage with pink Bermuda shorts, a white button down, heart-shaped sunglasses, and white slides.

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shorts — $22.99 from Target
top — $24.99 from H&M
shoes — $44 from Topshop
sunnies — $65 from QUAY Australia

3. The Ripped Denim Bermuda Short

For a sportier look, pair a simple tank bodysuit with some ripped denim Bermuda shorts. Add some bright sunglasses and slide sandals to finish it off, and you’re left with an ensemble perfect for adventuring all summer long.

A collage with a white bodysuit, ripped denim Bermuda shorts, gold slide sandals, and green sunglasses.

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shorts — $49.50 from Torrid
bodysuit — $29.50 from Torrid
shoes — $100 from Anthropologie
sunnies — $79 from Crap Eyewear

4. The Bermuda Suit Short

If you’re not into denim, a Bermuda suit short is a great way to try out the trend this season. For a cute look that’s not all business, add a fun peplum top and trend thong sandals. It’s still nice enough to wear in a casual office setting, but chic enough to head straight to happy hour afterward. (P.S. The shoes below are wide-fit!)

A collage with black Bermuda Shorts, a peplum striped blouse, green thong sandals, and a phone case with fruit on it.

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shorts — $35.40 from Addition Elle
top — $20 from Missguided
shoes — $47.60 from Topshop
phone case — $45 from Casetify

5. The Orange Bermuda Short

The sweatshirt and shorts combination is a seriously cool look for summer. For days when the temperatures are below 90, pair some orange Bermuda shorts with a sage green sweatshirt, chunky sandals and chic tortoiseshell sunnies. You’ll be surprised how much this outfit slays.

A collage of a sage green sweatshirt, orange Bermuda shorts, tortoise sunglasses, and chunky slide sandals.

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shorts — $22.99 from Target
top — $24.99 from H&M
shoes — $67 from Topshop
sunnies — $79 from Crap Eyewear

6. The Light Denim Bermuda Short

Convinced that Bermuda shorts could never be cute enough for date night? Think again. Add a lacy bralette, oversized blazer and heels to a pair of light wash Bermuda shorts, and you’ve got a sexy—yes, sexy!—ensemble perfect for nights out.

A collage with a brown blazer, black bralette, light denim Bermuda shorts, and black heels.

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shorts — $29.99 from H&M
blazer — $34.99 from H&M
bralette — $34.50 from Torrid 
shoes — $49.50 from Torrid

7. The Khaki Bermuda Short

The khaki Bermuda short is perhaps the scariest kind of shorts to ever exist. It seems like it’d be impossible to make these shorts look cute, but when you add a fun and flirty blouse and a pair of bow-adorned mules, you’ll be amazed at how elevated they can be.

A collage with a pink blouse, green mule heels, khaki Bermuda shorts, and black sunglasses.

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shorts — $18.49 from Torrid
top — $98 from Anthropologie
shoes — $55 from Topshop
sunnies — $14 from Francesca’s

8. The Raw Edge Bermuda Short

At the other end of the spectrum is the raw edge Bermuda short. Unlike khaki, these edgy denim shorts are the easiest to style. Just add a cool graphic tee and classic white sneakers, and you’re set.

A collage with dark denim Bermuda shorts, a t-shirt with a tiger on it, white sneakers, and an abstract phone case.

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shorts — $24.99 from H&M
top — $58 from Anthropologie
shoes — $39.90 from Zara
phone case — $35 from Casetify

9. The Dark Green Bermuda Short

If summer temperatures last far into fall where you live, consider trying a pair of dark green Bermuda shorts. Worn with a striped linen blazer and slide sandals, this is a look that can carry you through summer and into autumn without a hitch.

A collage with a striped linen blazer, green Bermuda shorts, blush pink sandals, and a brown woven bag.

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shorts — $22.99 from Target
blazer — $65.50 from Torrid
shoes — $100 from Anthropologie
bag — $69.95 from Eloquii