Plus-Size Summer Date Night Outfits

Literally Just 9 Hot AF Date Night Outfits You Can Wear This Summer

While it might be obvious—or at least perceivable—what one should wear to, say, a formal wedding or summer pool party, the options for date night outfits are all over the place. The reason? You can have a date night anywhere. From a bougie new restaurant to a picnic in the park, the places where you and your significant other could have a grand old time together are infinite. Because of this, figuring out a bunch of perfect plus-size summer date outfits to wear this season can feel like going down a never-ending rabbit hole. Throwing your clothes around your room in an attempt to form some semblance of an ensemble isn’t the answer, though. This handy little guide to summer date night ‘fits is.

If you really want to break it down—which, for the sake of clarity, we do—there are certain dress codes typically associated with date nights. For instance, a nice restaurant might have a business (or even business casual) requirement, while a concert definitely calls for a much more laid back look. Going to see a play might make you want to dress up more than usual, but you’d probably want to keep it casual for a sunset picnic. Based on these (and other) classic date night activities, we can come to the conclusion that you’ll likely want a casual, business casual, semi-formal, or formal ensemble depending on what you and your boo are up to.

Enough of the analytics, though. Let’s get to the actual plus-size summer date outfits, shall we? To help give you a leg up when it comes to deciding how to look hot AF for any summer date night, we have concocted nine fool-proof outfit ideas. Use them as inspiration or feel free to copy the looks completely. (Everything is shoppable! You’re welcome!) No matter where you and your main squeeze end up canoodling this summer, you’re going to slay.

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1. The Blazer & Cami Combo

The blazer and cami outfit is where work meets play—in the sexiest way. By pairing a lacy cami with your favorite blazer and heels, you create a hot boss babe look that’ll leave your partner’s jaw on the floor.

Collage of a black blazer, black cami, black mule heels, and multi colored statement earrings.

shop the look

blazer — $49.99 from H&M
cami — $24.99 from H&M
heels — $36.85 from Topshop
earrings — $26.95 from Eloquii

2. The Slip Dress

If you’re looking for a sexy ensemble that requires little thought, you can’t go wrong with a slip dress. Slip dresses are the ’90s trend we all deserve, and they make great date night outfits. Comfortable enough to wear all night, but seductive enough to make your boo want to take it off later.

Collage of a pink and red slip dress, back heels, and a black purse.

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dress — $35 from Target
heels — $60 from Topshop
bag — $35.99 from Zara

3. The Bodysuit & Jeans Combo

Skip the typical jeans and blouse look this summer, and opt for a sultry bodysuit instead. If you’ve never tried a bodysuit ensemble before, try starting out with a black one that goes with anything. Add black jeans and a pop of color shoe, and you’ve got yourself one hot outfit.

A collage of black jeans, a black bodysuit, mustard heels, and a phone case with tigers on it.

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jeans —  $34.99 from H&M
bodysuit — $14 from Missguided
heels — $34.65 from Torrid
phone case — $50 from Casetify

4. The Mini Skirt

Casual date nights call for our old favorite: the denim mini skirt. You can dress it up if you want, but we prefer keeping things low-key with a white tank (that hugs you in all the right places), statement earrings and fun heels.

A collage of a white tank top, denim mini skirt, green heels, and green and gold dangly earrings.

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skirt — $24.99 from H&M
tank — $13.23 from Torrid
heels — $48 from Topshop
earrings — $28 from Topshop

5. The Neon ‘Fit

Will neon ever stop trending? Probably not—which is why you definitely need a neon outfit in your date night ensemble rotation. Try going bold with a neon dress paired with black heels and a black bag (plus some gold hair clips for a bit of fun).

A collage of a neon green dress, black top handle bag, black strappy heels, and gold rings.

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dress — $35 from Target
heels — $34.65 from Torrid
bag — $35.99 from Zara
hair clips — $7.99 from H&M

6. The Sequin Dress

When you want to get a little dressy, opt for a can’t-miss sequin dress. While many sequin dresses come in black, we think it’s more fun to try out a lighter color for summer—like a mint green! Add gold and black accessories, and you’re good to go.

A collage of a sequin mint green dress, gold earrings, a gold and black phone case, and black block heels.

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dress — $122.95 from Simply Be
heels — $29.99 from Simply Be
earrings — $39.99 from H&M
phone case — $35 from Casetify

7. The LBD

You didn’t think we’d forget about our old friend the little black dress, did you? It’s a classic, surefire way to look hot on any date you have planned—whether it’s the first or fiftieth. Spice things up with some sparkly silver accessories for an even sexier look.

A collage of a black mini dress, silver dangly earrings, silver heeled mules, and a black bag.

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dress — $23 from Missguided
heels — $36.85 from Topshop
bag — $17.60 from Topshop
earrings — $22 from Topshop

8. The Animal Print Skirt

Tired: The leopard print midi skirt. Wired: The zebra print midi skirt. (We still love you, though, leopard print!) Shake things up with a zebra print wrap skirt and ruffly crop top this summer. Add some pink heels for a pop of color, and voila.

A collage of a zebra print skirt, dark gray ruffly top, pink heels, and gold rings.

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skirt — $23 from Missguided
top — $20 from Target
heels — $89.95 from Anthropologie
rings — $26 from Madewell

9. The Jumpsuit

The best thing about a jumpsuit is that it can be styled so many ways. Whether it’s a casual style or something you could wear to a formal wedding, there are plenty of ways to keep a neutral jumpsuit looking fresh and new date after date. It’s all in the accessories, folks.

A collage of a dark gray jumpsuit, cream dangly earrings, pearl beaded bag, and lavender heels.

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jumpsuit — $37.75 from Torrid
heels — $29.99 from H&M
purse — $44 from Topshop
earrings — $28 from Topshop