A collage with a black sweatshirt dress, colorful sneakers, and heart-shaped sunglasses and a collage with black jeans, white crop top, black heels, and pink heart-shaped sunglasses.

There’s Never a Wrong Time to Wear Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

It’s no secret that heart-shaped sunglasses are totally cute—but they’re not necessarily the easiest accessory to style. These sunnies pack a punch and brighten up drab ensembles, so why aren’t all outfits heart-shaped-sunglasses-friendly? Here’s the tea: You’re better off building a look around a statement accessory rather than the opposite. Crafting adorable plus-size heart-shaped sunglasses outfits doesn’t start with the ensemble itself, but the pair of sunnies you’ll be sporting as the cherry on top.

The key here is to work backwards. Typically, you’d pick out an outfit and then add accessories to the look. With heart-shaped sunglasses, flip the script. Grab the pair of sunnies you want to wear and go from there. You could start with some classic red heart sunnies, keep it neutral with a pair of gray heart-shaped sunglasses, or go bold with an unexpected hue like green. (!) Whichever pair you choose, allow them to inspire your ensemble choice.

Play around with color and patterns—and go ahead and try different styles, too. Keep things casual (but cute!) in a sweatshirt dress and colorful sneakers. Paired with some red heart-shaped sunnies, you can’t lose. Or, if your go-to sunglasses pick is a neutral hue, opt for a denim shirt, your favorite trousers, and heeled booties. Allow yourself to get creative, and you’re sure to end up with some seriously chic plus-size heart-shaped sunglasses outfits.

To help get you inspired, we’ve curated five different ways to wear heart-shaped sunglasses—from cool and casual to sleek and Instagram-ready. These statement accessories are a year-round must-have, so don’t be afraid to sport them in any season, K?

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1. Sweetheart in a Sweatshirt Dress

The sweatshirt dress is equal parts cute and cozy—and pairs so well with some heart-shaped sunnies. Try a pair of classic red sunglasses, a charcoal gray sweatshirt dress, and some seriously colorful sneakers for a weekend look that won’t quit.

A plus-size sweatshirt dress, red heart-shaped sunglasses, and colorful sneakers.

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sunglasses — $9.42 from Torrid
dress — $29.99 from H&M
shoes — $325 from Kat Maconie

2. It’s a Plaid, Plaid World

When you combine plaid trousers, a denim shirt, and heeled booties with a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, what do you get? The perfect Instagram look, of course. By choosing a neutral sunglasses color, you can opt for a statement bootie that adds a pop of color. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Plus size gingham pants, denim shirt, dark red booties, and gray heart-shaped sunglasses.

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sunglasses — $10 from Target
pants — $42.57 from Torrid
top — $37.99 from Old Navy
shoes — $42.57 from Torrid

3. A Short & Sweet Affair

When the temperatures are hot, hot, hot, try pairing some Bermuda shorts with a pop of red tank, slip-on sneakers, and red heart-shaped sunglasses. Whether you’re headed to brunch or on a tropical vacay, this outfit is a serious winner.

A red crop top, black slip-on sneakers, plus-size black shorts, and red heart-shaped sunglasses.

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sunglasses — $40 from Rad + Refined
top — $85 from WRAY
shorts — $148 from WRAY
shoes — $69.99 from DSW

4. Only Fools Ruche In

Heart-shaped sunglasses outfits can get sexy, too! Pop on a pink pair of sunnies, black jeans, a ruched cami top, and some sky-high heels for a ridiculously gorgeous look. Show up to date night wearing this combo, and you won’t be the only one with heart eyes.

Plus-size black jeans, cream cami, black heels, and pink heart-shaped sunglasses.

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sunglasses — $55 from Rad + Refined
pants — $34.99 from H&M
top — $31 from PrettyLittleThing
shoes — $48 from ASOS

5. Green With Envy

Of course, you can always go for the unexpected. A pair of green heart-shaped sunglasses is bold and totally fun. Try wearing them with a cute floral dress and loafers next time you’re out and about.

Green heart-shaped sunglasses, green shirtdress, and black loafers.

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sunglasses — $10 from Target
dress — $215 from WRAY
shoes — $53 from ASOS