Plus-Size Pajamas

Plus-Size Pajamas That Totally Pass as Real Clothes

There’s nothing quite like slipping off your day clothes and snuggling up in a pair of cozy pajamas. Seriously, why can’t all clothes just feel like pajamas? It would truly make life so much easier. In an effort to make this dream a reality (Isn’t that what life is all about?!), we found plus-size pajamas that totally pass as actual items of clothing you can wear outside your house. Of course, the uptick in pajama-inspired clothing has become somewhat of a trend, but many of these pieces aren’t actually pajamas. They’re real clothes meant to be worn outside—and not in bed. Pajamas that also double as real-world clothing, though, serve more than one purpose. You can wear these pieces to bed and walk the dog in style. It’s a two-for-one, win/win situation of the comfiest degree. Folks, you may never purchase “real” clothes again. 

Let us take you on a little journey: You’re in bed, sleeping like a log because you were up all-hours finishing your latest Netflix binge. Your alarm goes off not once, but three times. You ignore all three. This is fine, except for the fact that you’re supposed to meet up with someone for coffee. (It could be your mom or an early-morning work meeting. The important thing is that it’s someone in front of whom you don’t want to look totally messy.) Suddenly, you bolt awake, realizing that you’re ridiculously late already. The saving grace, though, is that you have on a pajama top that looks cute enough to wear in public. All that’s left to do is throw on some high-waisted jeans, mules that are basically glorified slippers and hop in the car. Thanks to your cute plus-size pajamas, you’re only 10 minutes late and you look cute as hell. 

If you need even further convincing that plus-size pajamas can definitely work outside of the house, we rounded up some the cutest options to shop. Once you see these pajamas are cozy and stylish at the same time, you might be tempted to swear off any other clothes forever. It’s an old adage that beauty is pain, but it truly, truly doesn’t have to be. Looking cute and ready to face the day can be just as comfortable as heading to bed at night, neck cream slathered on and all. As loungewear continues to become more popular (thanks to celebrities like Hailey Beiber rocking a sweatsuit every day), pajamas are just the next step in foregoing wearing anything uncomfortable. And even if you decide that wearing pajamas outside just isn’t for you, you can still sleep in the pieces below—and maybe eventually work up to more. 

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1. Tailored PJ Shirt & Pants with Piping Detail

Floral Tailored Pajama Set

shop the look
top: $49 from Addition Elle
bottoms: $39 from Addition Elle

2. Lisa Cropped Wide-Leg Pants

Gray Wide Leg Lounge Pants

shop the look$68 from Anthropologie

3. Shirt & Short Set in Lemon Print

Lemon Pajama Short Set

shop the look$42 from ASOS

4. Tailored PJ Shirt & Pants with Piping Detail

Striped Pajama Set

shop the look
top: $49 from Addition Elle
bottoms: $39 from Addition Elle

4. Satin Mix & Match Set

Satin Navy Pajama Set

shop the look
top: $29 from ASOS
bottoms: $29 from ASOS

5. Polka Dot Cami

Polka Dot Cami

shop the look$35 from Addition Elle

6. Cameron Sleep Pants

Purple Patterned Pajama Pants

shop the look$68 from Anthropologie

7. Missguided Satin Pajama Shorts

Red Leopard Pajama Set

shop the look$24 from ASOS

8. Pajama Crop Top & Jogger

Black Piping Detail Pajama Set

shop the look
top: $45 from Addition Elle
bottoms: $45 at Addition Elle

9. Navy Button Front Sleep Tunic Shirt

Navy Pajama Shirt

shop the look$31.15 from Torrid