The Only Outfits I Want to Wear This Summer Are Pool Party Outfits

Arguably, the best summer parties happen around a pool. Whether you get in the pool or not is moot. Just being in proximity to that sweet, sweet chlorinated water elevates any warm-weather gathering. But it’s not just the atmosphere that makes these parties quintessential to summer: Pool parties also allow us to turn swimsuits into chic summer ensembles. For some reason, sipping a cocktail poolside is just better when you’re wearing a plus-size pool party outfit—a fun fashion challenge, and, frankly, the only type of outfit we plan on wearing this summer.

Pool parties come in all forms—which means plus-size pool party outfits do, too. Some pool parties are all about the water. Nearly everyone will opt to take a dip, and you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing your cutest swimsuit (and accessories that won’t make swimming more difficult). Other pool parties are simply outdoor soirees around a pool. A few people might take a dip, but it’s the aesthetic of the pool that really counts. This is where you can get a little bit more creative with your accessories and makeup—no need to worry about snagging your earring on the side of the pool. Typically, though, all pool party outfits consist of a swimsuit and accessories that elevate it to the next level. So grab your cutest bikini, Instagram-worthy pool floats and chicest sunnies, and let’s get dressed.

To help you find your perfect pool party look, we put together a few can’t-miss options. Whether you’re the type who likes to match their swimsuit to their pool float or someone who’s all about keeping it cute and casual, these plus-size pool party outfits are here to inspire you all summer long.

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1. The Yellow Floral Bikini

Forget the itsy-bitsy yellow polka dot bikini, and allow us to introduce you to the yellow floral bikini. You won’t be able to resist pairing it with a straw bucket hat (!) and some seriously cool tortoiseshell sunnies.

A collage of yellow floral bikini, straw bucket hat, tortoise sunglasses, and puffy slide sandals.

shop the look

bikini top — $19.99 from Forever 21
bikini bottom — $17.99 from Forever 21
bucket hat — $14.98 from Nordstrom Rack
sunnies — $79 from Crap Eyewear
sandals — $220 from Anthropologie

2. The Oversized Shirt as a Cover Up

An oversized button down shirt is great for many things—including wearing over your favorite swimsuit. You can keep it buttoned as a cool shirtdress or unbutton it to show off your bathing suit. Either way, it’s a pool party outfit no-brainer.

A collage of a teal one-piece swimsuit, white button down shirt, and silver slide sandals.

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swimsuit — $99.50 from Torrid
shirt — $72 from Madewell
sandals — $39.95 from Daybreaks

3. The “I Left My Swimsuit at Home”

For those who want to attend the pool party but don’t plan on stepping foot into the water, you can always opt for an adorable denim romper. Add a fun crocheted bag and slide sandals, and no one will even notice you’re wearing real clothes.

A collage of a woven green bag, denim romper, tan sandals, and light brown sunglasses.

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romper — $39.99 from H&M
bag — $79.95 from Eloquii
sandals — $220 from Anthropologie
sunnies — $99 from Crap Eyewear

4. The Red Hot Lewk

Nothing says Look at me! quite like a red swimsuit, so we’re taking it a step further. In addition to a red hot bathing suit, add a red pool float to spice it up a notch. We’re particularly fond of the “Bae Watch” float below, but do you, boo.

A collage of a red pool float that says "Bae Watch," black cat-eye sunglasses, a red one-piece swimsuit, and gold earrings.

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pool float — $20 from SunnyLife
swimsuit — $39.99 from H&M
sunnies — $79 from Crap Eyewear
earrings — $32 from Madewell

5. You’re Giving Me the Frills

ICYMI, frilly swimsuits are hot right now—so you might as well wear one to your next pool party. Try pairing an easy animal print with a fun baseball cap and bright slide sandals for a look that’s effortlessly cool.

A collage of a baseball hat that says "Free and Easy," pink and orange slide sandals, and a black and white dalmation print bikini.

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bikini top — $30 from Missguided
bikini bottom — $20 from Missguided
hat — $35 from Madewell
sandals — $126 from R0AM

6. The Made-for-Instagram Outfit

You’ll want to have a full-blown Instagram photoshoot in this pink and black ensemble. The neon pink swimsuit is perfect for summer, and the flamingo pool float makes for an ideal photo-op. You’re welcome.

A collage with black slide sandals, a pool float shaped like a flamingo, black cat-eye sunglasses, and a neon pink one-piece swimsuit.

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pool float — $70 from SunnyLife
swimsuit — $34.99 from H&M
sandals — $109 from Anthropologie
sunnies — $55 from QUAY Australia

7. The Rainbow Connection

Show off all the colors of the rainbow with a colorful striped two-piece swimsuit. Add a sheer black cover-up and oversized sunnies to create the ultimate jaw-dropping pool party look.

A collage of a black sheer swim cover-up, a rainbow striped bikini, and black round sunglasses.

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bikini — $109 from Torrid 
cover-up — $54.50 from Torrid
sunnies — $285 from ETNIA Barcelona