Plus-Size Summer Job Interview Outfits

Job Interview Outfits That Fully Understand It’s Hot as Balls Outside

Here’s the thing about job interviews: They can be ridiculously hard to dress for. Part of this is due to the fact that every office seems to have a different dress code—Start-up tech companies are more casual, while finance offices likely have a more formal vibe. You get the gist.—and part is because job interviews are, quite frankly, nerve-wracking as hell. They’re basically like first dates, only the stakes are so much higher. (No offense to all the romantics out there.) It’s true, though! One bad first date won’t typically make your life that much harder, but not getting a job you really need—to, you know, pay bills and buy food—actually can. If you’ve ever been at the mercy of a potential employer, you’ll understand why finding plus-size summer interview outfits that are professional but still approachable is a necessity.

Not only is your outfit the first thing the person interviewing you for a job sees, but it can also affect your confidence levels. When you put on an outfit that makes you feel strong, powerful and ready to seize the day, it’ll shine through. But when you’re in an ensemble that makes you feel itchy, hot and uncomfortable, your confidence levels probably won’t be too high. Putting together a job interview outfit that makes you feel like the former and not the latter, then, is actually really important—but can be particularly difficult when the temperatures are in the high 90s.

Finding a confidence-boosting interview outfit is hard enough without the weather getting in the way. During the winter, you can layer up with cool turtlenecks and sleek blazers. Plus-size summer interview outfits, though, have to be a bit more thought-out. You likely won’t want to walk into an interview wearing cut-off shorts and tank top, but a full suit is just going to be too damn hot. To create the perfect ensemble that’ll make you feel confident AF and keep you from overheating, you have to find some balance.

For those who are huge fans of blazers, try pairing one with a layering tank top and skirt for an easy outfit that still looks professional. Or, you can wear some lightweight pants with a flow-y blouse tucked in. You’ll stay cool enough outside, but won’t start to freeze when you’re blasted by air conditioning. Once you start to work with summery pieces that are also office-appropriate, you’ll find that there are so many plus-size summer interview outfits you can easily throw together.

Of course, if you’re in need of a little inspiration, we created nine different outfit ideas for you below. Whether you’re trying to look like a total office boss or have an interview for an artsy or more casual job, you’re sure to find the perfect ensemble for your next summer interview. Stay cool, folks.

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1. The White Button Down & Dress Pants Combo

Kick your classic white button down up a notch by wearing it a bit oversized and half-tucking it into a pair of neutral dress pants. Add some black heels for a little bit of extra height, and you’re already starting to look like a true boss.

A collage with a white button down, tan pants, a black heeled sandals.

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top — $75 from Madewell
bottoms — $29.99 from H&M
shoes — $17.49 from Torrid
phone case — $45 from Casetify

2. The Power Jumpsuit

High-key, summer is just too hot to be out here wearing a full suit. Instead, opt for a simple black jumpsuit. You can make it look a little more professional by added some printed slingback heels and a neutral tote bag perfect for holding your resume.

A collage with a black jumpsuit, cream tote bag, leopard heels, and a phone case.

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jumpsuit — $169 from Addition Elle
shoes — $22 from Addition Elle
purse — $45 from Topshop
phone case — $45 from Casetify

3. The Blazer & Skirt Combo

If you’re a fan of the oversized blazer, make it an interview-worthy ensemble by pairing with a shorter black skirt and simple layering tank. Add a colorful heel to give the whole outfit a pop.

A collage with a plaid gray blazer, a white tank, black skirt, and green heels.

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top — $25.50 from Torrid
blazer — $129.99 from Madewell
skirt — $49.50 from Torrid
shoes — $69.90 from Zara

4. The Artsy Ensemble

Not every interview is business attire or business casual. Some places of work are a little more artsy—so dress the part. Pair some tie-waist khakis with a printed flow-y blouse and fun heels, and you’re sure to impress everyone.

A collage with khaki pants, multi-colored pink and orange top, green heels, and glasses.

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top — $158 from Anthropologie
bottoms — $41.65 from Torrid
shoes — $55 from Topshop
glasses — $55 from QUAY Australia

5. The OG Black Pencil Skirt Outfit

A black pencil skirt is a workwear staple, and can totally work for summer outfits. Just add a simple blouse with some fun details (like ruffly sleeves) and a low heel. You’ll look put together, relatively formal and stylish as hell.

A collage with a black skirt, green top, black heels and a silver phone.

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top — $68 from Anthropologie
skirt — $45.50 from Torrid
shoes — $68 from Topshop
phone case — $45 from Casetify

6. The Printed Pants & Sleeveless Blouse Combo

A fun way to keep things professional but still fun is to wear some subtly printed pants with a solid sleeveless blouse. The pants will give your outfit personality and the sleeveless blouse will tie everything together—and keep you nice and cool.

A collage with green patterned pants, black tank, white mules and phone case.

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top — $78 from Anthropologie
bottoms — $22.49 from Torrid
shoes — $130 from Anthropologie
phone case — $45 from Casetify

7. The Midi Dress Made Marvelous

Once of the best things about accessories is that they can turn also anything in your closet into an interview outfit. If you want to wear your favorite semi-casual midi dress, just add a work-ready tote and some cute heels.

A collage with a pink patterned dress, black tote bag, and black heeled sandals.

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dress — $24.99 from H&M
shoes — $51 from Topshop
purse — $178 from Madewell

8. The White Pants Ensemble

There’s just something about white trousers that looks so professional. Take advantage of this and add a silky sleeveless top, heels and a stylish-but-functional bag for the perfect interview look.

A collage with a blue sleeveless top, white pants, brown bag and white heels.

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top — $68 from Anthropologie
bottoms — $18 from Addition Elle
shoes — $44 from Topshop
bag — $54.99 from ModCloth

9. The Statement Dress

If you’re looking to really stand out in your interview and don’t necessarily need to wear anything too business-y, try a fun and flowing printed statement dress. Simply pair it with some cute flats and a neutral crossbody bag, and you’re sure to look totally hirable.

A collage with a patterned green and gray dress, black small bag, glasses, and light pink flats.

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dress — $168 from Anthropologie
shoes — $39.50 from Torrid
purse — $32 from Topshop
glasses — $55 from QUAY Australia