A collage with a brown striped sweater, faux velvet joggers, a silver puffy bag, and black booties.

The Anatomy of a Truly Excellent Thanksgiving Outfit

Thanksgiving is a day to be spent with friends and family—but most importantly, it’s also time to eat delicious food. While the holiday is full of interesting traditions that vary from household to household, one of the most consistent is dressing up for the ~big meal.~ The key here is ultimately to find the perfect balance of comfort and style. You want something cozy enough to wear all day, but a look that won’t haunt you when you see it years later in a family photo album. Have no fear, though. If you’re in need of some plus-size Thanksgiving outfit ideas, look no further.

So although dressing for Thanksgiving is a complicated ordeal, if you dissect the process, it gets a little bit easier. In fact, we can look at this like an anatomy lesson. Don’t worry—there’s no real science involved in the making of the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. Just bring your appetite for fashion. (Pun intended.)

The first piece of the puzzle is the hardest: pants. Because Thanksgiving is full of eating rich foods, having a pair of pants that can expand as you eat all those mashed potatoes is important. And, if you’re worried about feeling like your buttons are about to burst—as many of us do after a huge meal—you’ll want to make sure it can be fully contained without sacrificing style. Look for pants with pull-on or elastic style, flow-y trousers or pants that can be paired with an oversized sweater for maximum comfort. (Alternatively, you can opt for a comfy dress!)

When it comes to tops, the idea is pretty much the same with the pants. You want a top that’s soft, cozy and able to handle all the delicious food you’re sure to gobble down during the day. Look for oversized sweaters with a little structure or tops that basically feel like you’re wearing pajamas.

Shoes for Thanksgiving are always a wild card, but you can’t go wrong with a pair of booties, mules, or even fashion sneakers (for a more casual look). These options are comfortable enough that you can stand and chat with relatives, but nice enough that you can pair them with a chic ensemble. 

Below, you’ll find several different plus-size Thanksgiving outfit ideas perfect for any occasion. Whether you make the short trek down the stairs for your Thanksgiving meal or travel miles and miles to see your loved ones and eat your heart out, these ensembles are sure to please both your family and you. Happy eating, y’all.

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1. The Oversized Sweater & Flares ‘Fit

The flared wide-leg trousers are sleek and sophisticated by still comfortable enough that you can eat as much Thanksgiving turkey as you please. And the slightly-oversized turtleneck sweater will keep you cozy all day long—even during that post-dinner nap.

A collage with a green turtleneck sweater, black lug sole booties, gold earrings, blue light glasses, and black flared pants.

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top — $34.99 from H&M
pants — $79.50 from Loft
shoes — $267 from ITALEAU
earrings — $215 from Mejuri
glasses — $55 from Quay Australia

2. The Faux Leather Leggings Ensemble

Faux leather leggings are having a major moment right now, and there’s no better place to wear them this season than the Thanksgiving dinner table. Keep things extra-comfortable with an oversized button down and slippers that are cute enough to pass as real shoes. (!)

A collage with faux leather leggings, a gold necklace, brown and white slipper mules, and a red button down.

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leggings — $25.67 from Torrid
top — $88 from Madewell
shoes — $95 from Loeffler Randall
necklace — $44 from Baublebar

3. The Comfy Mini Dress Look

For a look that’s a bit less casual, opt for a puff-sleeve mini dress this season. Choose one (like the pick from H&M below) that’s a bit roomy—so you won’t feel strapped in after dinner. Add a pair of classic black boots and a fun headband to give this outfit a very Blair Waldorf vibe.

A collage with a green and blue floral puff-sleeve dress, tall black boots, and a green headband.

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dress — $29.99 from H&M
shoes — $51.67 from Torrid
headband — $20 from Anthropologie

4. The Velvet Joggers & Sweater Combo

Pairing of-the-moment and comfortable velvet joggers with a cozy pullover sweater is a sartorial dream when it comes to Thanksgiving. You’ll look chic as hell while also staying comfy.

A collage with a brown striped sweater, faux velvet joggers, a silver puffy bag, brown phone case, and white sneakers.

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top — $59.50 from Loft
pants — $38.67 from Torrid
shoes — $80 from Gola
bag — $125 from Caraa
phone case — $60 from Casetify