Plus-Size Baggy Clothes

In Defense of Plus-Size Women Wearing Oversized Clothes

Growing up (and now), I was always drawn to oversized button downs paired with leggings or skinny jeans, flow-y dresses that lacked structure and t-shirts big enough to cozy-up in night after night. Unfortunately, the only people I saw wearing these kinds of outfits were a lot thinner than I was. On top of that, too, I was constantly told that baggy clothes and oversized outfits on plus-size women were just “unflattering.” If I wanted to wear a glorified sack (which I often did!), I risked looking “larger than I was” or “hiding my figure.” Of course, if a top or pants were too tight, I wouldn’t hear the end of that, either. Basically, I couldn’t win. What I wanted to wear was never good enough for society. Either I was hiding my body too much or not enough. Whatever I did, my body was still unacceptable. I’d never look thin enough no matter what I wore.

But I’m reclaiming oversized clothes, y’all. If I want to wear an oversized men’s button down from Goodwill, I will not only do it, but I’ll look amazing. Being comfortable in whatever I wear has always been my prerogative, so oversized shirts and dresses are what I love. Huge sweaters in the winter? Hell yes. Crop tops a couple sizes too big in the summer? I’ll be wearing ’em. Sure, I have a waist I like to show off occasionally. But when I do, it’s my decision, not society’s. Until I feel like wearing clothes deemed “flattering” on me, I’ll be over here in my baggy clothes living my best damn life.

To inspire you to wear whatever the fuck makes you comfortable, here are some incredibly stylish plus-size Instagram babes in oversized clothes for your perusal. From baggy crop tops to oversized dresses, these cuties are here to remind you that your body looks great in anything. Keep your eyes peeled for a gal in an oversized top and mom jeans this summer, because it’s probably me.

A babe.

We stan.

All the yes.

Never looked better.

Ultimate street style.

A neon dream.

A queen.

Fun in the sun.

Wildin’ out.


Can’t get enough.

Blinded by this beauty.

Stunning, stunning, stunning.

Heart eyes all day.

So, so dreamy.