A white button down, animal print booties, green sunglasses, and a purse that says "butter"

How to Wear Oversized Clothes: a Field Guide

As a plus-size person who has always been drawn to oversized button downs paired with leggings, cute mini dresses that lacked structure, and flannels big enough to cozy up in every day, I’ve faced my fair share of disappointment. Not only has it been a consistent challenge to find plus-size clothing in oversized styles, but the majority of outfit inspiration featuring baggier clothes is filled with—surprise, surprise—thin bodies. And though Instagram has become a haven for folks looking for plus-size style, I still found the Internet lacking in plus-size oversized clothes outfit ideas.

While slouchy styles become more and more on-trend, the outfit inspo for folks who wear above a size 12 remains minimal. So, I decided to create what I wish I had on-hand the last several years: a simple guide to styling plus-size oversized clothes (and ways to shop them, too). Because the combination of fashion and comfort should be accessible to every individual, no matter their body shape or size—full stop.

Many folks who wear plus-sizes have likely been told that wearing oversized and baggy clothes is “unflattering”—and can make one’s body look bigger than it actually is. The fatphobia entrenched in our society never ceases to amaze, and the fact that some people can’t stand to see fat bodies looking cute and comfortable is eye-roll-inducing (amongst other things). Oversized clothes are a trend fit for everybody and every body—so whatever preconceived notions or internalized fatphobic fears you might have surrounding baggy and slouchy looks, let them go.

Below, you’ll find five plus-size oversized clothes outfit ideas to help you make the most of your baggiest wardrobe essentials. I’ve taken five basics—an oversized sweater, white button down, flannel, dress, and denim jacket—and created outfit recipes for each that are so easy to recreate. You can wear whatever the fuck you want, so don’t ever feel as though you have to sacrifice comfort (Read: oversized clothes) in order to appease a society that still can’t quite grasp why fat-shaming in any form is harmful to our world as whole. (!!)

Here at Unruly, we’re committed to featuring plus-size pieces we genuinely love and want to share with you. We’re connected to an affiliate revenue program, which means we might make a small commission when you buy products through our shopping guides. This in no way affects the pieces we choose to feature, and it never will. (Confused? We’d love to answer any questions you have about this. Email us at beunrulyinfo@gmail.com!)

1. The Oversized Sweater

The oversized sweater is a wardrobe staple for fall and winter—and basically feels like wearing a cozy blanket. Pair your favorite pullover style with faux leather leggings, cute booties, and a pair of chic sunglasses. You’ll look absolutely Instagram-worthy without having to put in much effort at all. A lazy morning dream.

A collage with green sweater, animal print booties, black leggings, and green sunglasses.

shop the look

sweater — $34.99 from H&M
leggings — $39.50 from Torrid
boots — $160 from Dolce Vita
sunglasses — $189 from Apercu Eyewear

2. The Oversized White Button Down

Another closet staple? The white button down. This piece is great for year-round wear, and is especially adorable when paired with printed trousers (I love this plaid pair!), sneakers, and sunglasses. The outfit recipe can adjust depending on the temperature outside, but it’s definitely a simple go-to.

A collage with a white button down shirt, sneakers, red sunglasses, and yellow plaid pants.

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shirt — $24.99 from H&M
pants — $128 from Anthropologie
sneakers — $69.99 from DSW
sunglasses — $79 from Crap Eyewear

3. The Oversized Flannel

Pairing an oversized flannel with wide-leg pants? It’s more likely than you think. Go all-the-way oversized with your favorite flannel top and a pair of wide-leg jeans this season. Add a statement bag and a pair of heels, and you’re good to go.

A collage with a green flannel shirt, black jeans, a white purse that says "butter," and black heels.

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shirt — $88 from Madewell
jeans — $49.95 from American Eagle
heels — $55.98 from Nordstrom
bag — $270 from Boobie World

4. The Oversized Mini Dress

While you can always opt for a babydoll dress or flow-y mini, I’m partial to the oversized sweatshirt dress. Worn with a pair of over-the-knee boots (The pair below is made for wide calves!), a fun bag, and simple sunglasses, this is a can’t-miss look for any time you want to remain as cozy and comfortable as possible.

A collage with a cream sweatshirt dress, black boots, a dark red purse, and black sunglasses.

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dress — $22.50 from Nasty Gal
boots — $89.50 from Torrid
bag — $40 from Target
sunglasses — $55 from Quay Australia

5. The Oversized Denim Jacket

Ah, the oversized denim jacket. It looks as cute paired with loungewear as it does with your favorite going-out dress. For the ultimate cozy look, though, try wearing a cute graphic tee with your comfiest sweatpants, throw on a pair of sneakers, and then toss on an oversized denim jacket. It’s like wearing sartorially-acceptable pajamas.

A collage with a black denim jacket, gray sweatpants, pink t-shirt, and sneakers.

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jacket — $128 from Madewell
top — $24.99 from Torrid
sweatpants — $35.50 from H&M
sneakers — $69.99 from DSW