Have Towels Become the Ultimate Luxury Accessory?

Luxury looks different to everyone. It can be a sunset helicopter ride, an all-inclusive spa day, or a week-long stay at an expensive resort. And while these are all wonderful (and definitely luxurious) options, luxury can also be something that’s found in the chaos of everyday life. Perhaps, it’s even something a bit more accessible to those who lead busy lives—and can’t necessarily jet off to a tropical destination whenever they please. Believe it or not, luxury can simply look like a white bath towel. (!)

And after noticing several of our favorite plus-size influencers and creators seemed to agree, it gave us an excuse to investigate further. Because what, exactly, makes a classic white towel feel like a luxury accessory? It’s an item that can be found in most homes—and if not, can be easily purchased anywhere. Quantities aren’t limited. It doesn’t have to be expensive. And when worn wrapped around our hair, a white towel is inherently size-inclusive. Overall, this is a piece of luxury that absolutely anyone can access—but we never really talk about the power of that.

Enter: three Instagram creators who have uncovered the luxury of a white towel. From lounging in the backyard to merely taking extra time while getting ready for a night out, these influencers understand that a luxurious moment is attainable—no matter who you are.

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what luxury means to jessie

A moment feels luxurious when I feel boujee. I suppose there is a sense of sophistication and wealth behind the moment.

why a white towel can feel so luxurious

I think it comes down to the marketing of these kind of moments throughout history. We’re told that luxury is relaxation with some form of monetary value behind it. The pristine white towel/sunglasses and a robe gives you the idea that this person is relaxing and they are enjoying themselves!

what luxury means to shayla

Champagne…I always feel luxurious with a glass of good champagne. Now, combine those good bubbles with some self care/pampering. That is the pinnacle of luxury for me!

why a white towel can feel so luxurious

It’s the intersection of glamour and comfort. It’s the accessibility to fabulousness no matter your circumstances. If you have a towel, your favorite loungewear or robe, and a good bottle of CHAMPAGNE …you can capture the feeling of luxury right in your own home. I love that.

what luxury means to coco

I’d say luxurious is in the details for me. We could be at a pool in a backyard, BUT if you light some candles and put some good music on, plus a delicious desert and wine? NOW it turns into a luxurious evening for me. Luxurious is also in the fancy for me. A beautiful villa in Italy? Luxury. Full Spa Day? Luxury. Helicopter ride at sunset? Beautiful luxury.

why a white towel can feel so luxurious

I think it’s because, for me personally, I never have time to do that (let my hair towel-dry) since I’m always on the go with work. So when I am able to towel wrap it up? I must be on a vacation…I feel extra yet deserved of this tranquil pleasure. I know in these times, this towel hair moment leads to a sexy night out where I’m able to take all my time dressing up!