An influencer with pink cow print nails and eye makeup.

Do It: Paint Your Nails to Look Like Spring

As temperatures heat up, we all begin to transition our wardrobes from sweaters to crop tops and leggings to bike shorts. (The list goes on.) But if we neglect to also change our nail art looks with the weather, we’re missing a key component of a well-rounded warm-weather aesthetic. Switching from dark, wintry hues to bright pops of color and trendy pastels isn’t solely for clothing and accessories. (!!) Our nails deserve an upgrade, too—which means keeping a running list of chic spring nail ideas on-hand this season.

The key, we’ve discovered, is to always go bold—even when you’re opting for neutrals or minimalist looks. Say you want to keep things simple with a black and white color scheme. No problem. Just spice it up by choosing a trendy cow print or abstract squiggles. Even a leopard print nail can be considered neutral—just as it can when you’re wearing a leopard slip skirt or mules. Minimalist and neutral nails definitely needn’t equate to boring.

Whether you’re a DIY nail art pro or have a standing appointment with your manicurist, there are so (so!) many incredibly unique spring nail ideas to try out. From chic pastel moments to over-the-top abstract nails, you can’t go wrong with any of the top-notch nail designs below.

1. Pastel Sparkles

The sparkle emoji IRL? Yes, please. In gorgeous pastel hues, this spring and summer nail look is a can’t-miss. Not to mention, featuring multiple colors on your nails means they’ll match with nearly every outfit. A win-win situation.

2. Fuchsia Cow Print (!)

Cow print has been taking over the sartorial zeitgeist as of late—so why not include makeup and nails, too? This fuchsia cow print is bright, funky, and effortlessly trendy.

3. Bright, Alternating Pops of Color

For those who can never choose just one nail color, this look is for you. Alternate between your favorite bright hues this spring to get the best of both worlds. Indecisiveness has never looked so good.

4. Minimalist Squiggles

Bright hues aren’t the only way to get a spring and summer nail look, though. These minimalist blue squiggles are reminiscent of ocean waves or days spent on the lake—which, in our opinion, makes them a warm weather must.

5. A Wavy White Moment

Keeping things neutral doesn’t mean you can’t be a little bit extra, too. Try a wavy white nail look for spring and summer for the ideal combination of simple and unique.

6. Neutral Leopard Print

There’s nothing quite as classic as leopard print—which is what makes this a must-wear nail look. The best part? Leopard print is both bold and neutral at the same time, ensuring your nails will look perfect with any ensemble.

7. Black & White Cow Print

You can’t go wrong with a black and white cow print nail this season. Bold, trendy, and ridiculously cute—opting for this look is a no-brainer.

8. Pastel Green Tips

The classic French mani, but make it pastel. Swap out your white tips for green ones this season—and watch as it becomes your new go-to nail look.

9. Star Spangled Nails

We’re seeing stars—in the best way. Cover your nails with black and white stars this season for a fresh take on a classic shape. And, if you’re feeling especially bold, try alternating colors on each nail.

10. Lavender Splatters

It’s no secret that lavender is the color of the season. So, of course, we’re adorning our nails with this pastel hue. For a fun DIY, add some lavender splatters to your mani. (It’s OK if it’s not perfect!)

11. Over-the-Top Abstract

For a maximalist nail look, you can’t miss with an over-the-top abstract vibe. Go wild with different colors, and paint each nail differently. Your Instagram feed will thank you for the bold choice.