Plus-Size Fourth of July Outfits

9 Ways to Wear Red, White, and Blue—and Look Good Doing It

Unless you typically go around toting the American flag in your back pocket, the most—if not only—appropriate time to intentionally rock a red, white and blue ensemble is the Fourth of July. And while there are plenty of things to be said about the holiday (not all of them necessarily good), ultimately it’s a day we’ve reserved to relax with loved ones, eat a few hot dogs, enjoy some fireworks and, of course, don a patriotic lewk or two. Not all plus-size Fourth of July outfits are created equal, though, which is why we’ve taken the liberty (pun intended, thank you) of crafting some can’t-miss ways to wear red, white and blue this holiday.

Here’s the reality: Red, white and blue isn’t high up on our list of cutest color combinations. Red and pink? Sure. Blue and white? Definitely. But as unpatriotic as it may sound, red, white and blue outfits just don’t get us excited—or so we originally thought. After spending some time crafting a few (nine, to be exact) different plus-size July 4th outfits, though, we realized that any color combination can be cute if you pair the right pieces together. It sounds like a fashion no-brainer, but it took seeing some of these ensembles come together to get us to truly appreciate red, white and blue as an actually chic color combo.

If you’re still feeling a bit skeptical, we get it. Keep reading to see how we curated nine must-shop red, white and blue ensembles, though, and you’ll likely change your mind just as we did. In fact, the plus-size Fourth of July outfits below might just be cute enough to wear all summer long—and not just on July 4th. We can’t believe it either, but here we are. Red, white and blue, you officially have our hearts.

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1. The Denim Jacket & Midi Skirt Combo

Sure, the Fourth of July is typically hot as balls, but when you throw a bikini top on with a midi skirt and add a denim jacket, you’re good to go day until night. The jacket can be added when the sun goes down if you’re someone who’s always hot, though. (Same.)

denim jacket, red midi skirt, black sandals and blue sunglasses

shop the look

jacket — $128 from Anthropologie
skirt — $27.99 from Target
sandals — $59.90 from Zara
sunnies — $79 from Crap Eyewear

2. The Classic Cami & Denim Skirt

It’s a tale as old as time: the cami and denim skirt. This shirred red cami is a summer delight no matter the holiday, and the star sunnies take the ensemble to the next level and make it seriously patriotic.

red tank top, denim skirt, yellow sunglasses

shop the look

top — $39.50 from Torrid
skirt — $24.99 from H&M
sunnies — $75 from Crap Eyewear

3. The “Yes, I’m Wearing Jeans on July Fourth”

For all you jeans stans out there, we got you. No matter the weather, jeans are always a valid wardrobe option. When it’s hot out, keep it cool with an easy and breezy tank and colorful sunnies. Can’t miss.

light jeans, teal tank top, red sunglasses, white sneakers

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top — $58 from Anthropologie 
jeans — $49.99 from H&M
sneakers — $29.99 from H&M
sunnies — $259 from Etnia Barcelona

4. The Pink, White & Blue

OK, we know this is supposed to be a red, white and blue outfit round-up, but hot pink can sub in for red in a pinch. Just keep it simple with all blue (and other neutrals), then add in a pink accessory.

denim dress, pink purse, black sunglasses, black sandals

shop the look

dress — $34.99 from H&M
bag — $19.99 from Forever 21
sandals — $49.50 from Torrid
sunnies — $99 from Crap Eyewear

5. The Comfy but Cute Combo

For those who prefer to keep things simple with items already in their closet, this outfit is for you. Pair a red v-neck with a navy blue skirt, and you’re set for all things Fourth of July.

red t-shirt, blue skirt, blue sunglasses, brown sandals

shop the look

top — $24.50 from Loft
skirt — $55.50 from Torrid
sandals — $45 from Anthropologie
sunnies — $55 from QUAY Australia

6. The Accessories Are Everything Look

Accessories queens to the front. Dress up a simple red dress with July Fourth-ready accessories like blue statement earrings, light pink sunnies and a pair of white slip-ons.

red short sleeve dress, blue earrings, light pink sunglasses, white slip on sneakers

shop the look

dress — $19.99 from Addition Elle
sneakers — $75 from Anthropologie
sunnies — $79 from Crap Eyewear
earrings — $42 from Nordstrom

7. The Most Spirited Ensemble of Them All

There’s not much to say about this outfit aside from the fact that it screams Fourth of July. Like, those pants look like fireworks are going off all over them (We know it’s just a floral pattern, K?), and we’re truly here for it.

chambray shirt, blue and red pants, white sneakers, blue sunglasses

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top — $39.97 from Nordstrom Rack
pants — $49.50 from Torrid
sneakers — $36 from Topshop
sunnies — $65 from QUAY Australia

8. The Excuse to Wear Your Favorite Bodysuit

Grab your favorite red bodysuit (or swimsuit!) and pair it with some black and white pants and blue sunnies. It’s simple, but oh-so-effective.

red bodysuit, black and white pants, blue sunglasses

shop the look

bodysuit — $9.99 from Forever 21
pants — $55.50 from Torrid 
sunnies — $65 from QUAY Australia

9. The Quintessential Heart-Shaped Sunnies Look

No Fourth of July outfit round-up is complete without a look built around a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. They’re as quintessential as apple pie.

red off-shoulder top, denim bermuda shorts, red heart sunglasses

shop the look

top — $49.50 from Torrid
shorts — $29.99 from H&M
sunnies — $55 from QUAY Australia