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5 Outfit Recipes That Might Convince You to Love Puffer Coats

Puffer coats are great for many things: staying warm and cuddly, using as a pillow when you can’t find one, and protecting your outfit from the rain and snow when the temperatures are too cold to function. They aren’t, however, a fashion must-have—or are they? OK, OK, enough games. Puffer coats, believe it or not, are low-key cute these days. (Yes, really.) All it takes is a little bit of intentional styling and a few plus-size puffer coat outfit ideas, and you and your warmest outerwear pieces are ready to face the world—and possibly Instagram.

When fashion meets function, we all win. And that’s exactly what has happened with puffer coats. What used to be an essential for freezing temperatures has now become something we actually want to wear. The long, black puffer coat that you use every year doesn’t have to make you feel like a giant burnt marshmallow. It can actually work as part of a chic fall and winter ensemble. Simply treat it as an accessory, rather than something that’s only there to keep you warm.

Of course, there are far more options beyond a classic black puffer (though we still love a good neutral). You can find just about any iteration of the puffer jacket your heart desires—everything from light pink to animal print (!) in long, medium, and cropped lengths. So even when you’re forced to bundle up or risk frostbite, you can still show off your personal style. We love happy endings.

If you’re still feeling a bit wary, we got you. Keep reading for five plus-size puffer coat outfit ideas that will put your mind at ease. Recreate them with what you have in your closet, or shop the exact looks we’ve put together—or a little bit of both. Just have fun with your puffer coats this season, and remember they’re not just for keeping toasty.

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1. The Classic Black Puffer ‘Fit

Ooh, we love a classic. Odds are, if you live somewhere where the temperatures are freezing, you own a long, cozy black puffer coat. And though it might feel like you’re a walking burrito, you can make this look chic! As! Hell! Just add a neutral sweater, ripped jeans, and snake print (!!!) mules. Voila.

A collage with ripped jeans, black puffer coat, brown sweater, snake print heels, and a silver phone.

shop the look

puffer — $69.99 from H&M
top — $98 from Madewell
jeans — $44.96 from American Eagle
shoes — $23.99 from Target
phone case — $50 from Casetify

2. The Pop of Color Puffer Ensemble

Look, all-black is definitely a fall and winter mood, but let’s liven things up a bit, shall we? Try a teal puffer coat with a lime green sweater, leggings, and sneakers for an outfit that will have you shining bright. Even on the dreariest, coldest days, you’ll still light up a room.

A collage with black leggings, green puffer jacket, green sweater, yellow sunglasses, and New Balance sneakers.

shop the look

puffer — $57.99 from Old Navy
top — $88 from Anthropologie
leggings — $22.50 from Torrid
shoes — $69.99 from DSW
sunglasses — $189 from Apercu Eyewear

3. The Running to Do Errands Puffer Look

For those of us who like to look cute anywhere we go—even if it’s just the grocery store—this little puffer coat ensemble is a major go-to. Grab an almost-neutral puffer coat, then pair it with a tie-dye sweatshirt (Yes, the tie-dye trend made it past summer!), black joggers, and your sleekest sneakers.

A collage with a dark orange puffer jacket, tie-dye sweatshirt, black sunglasses, black sweatpants, and black sneakers.

shop the look

puffer — $99.95 from REI
top — $45.50 from Torrid
joggers — $24.99 from H&M
shoes — $140 from Revolve
sunglasses — $79 from Crap Eyewear

4. The Puffer & Leather Skirt (!) Combo

Not into wearing pants this season? No problem. Elevate your puffer coat game with an animal print jacket and faux leather skirt. Just add a fun graphic tee and some cute booties, and you’re set. This is one puffer look no one will see coming—but everyone will love it.

A collage with a green puffer jacket, mickey mouse shirt, black leather skirt, gray booties, and a silver phone.

shop the look

puffer — $57.99 from Old Navy
top — $17.99 from H&M
skirt — $49.50 from Torrid
shoes — $115 from Everlane
phone case — $50 from Casetify

5. The Pretty in Pink Puffer Outfit

A pink puffer coat is a must-have for the season, and you can wear it so many ways. If you’re looking for the perfect outfit formula, though, we suggest wearing the pink puffer with ripped jeans, a classic flannel, and some chunky boots (to give the look a bit of edge, you know?).

A collage with a pink puffer jacket, ripped jeans, black and white flannel, black boots, and black sunglasses.

shop the look

puffer — $34.99 from H&M
top — $32.99 from Old Navy
jeans — $44.96 from American Eagle
shoes — $180 from Topshop
sunglasses — $99 from Crap Eyewear