A plus-size red puffer coat, black puffer bucket hat, puffer tote, and puffer sandals.

5 Ways to Wear Head-to-Toe Puffer and Still Look Ridiculously Hot

Puffer is a definite go-to when it comes to winter ensembles, but why should we limit our looks to one (or maybe two) puffy pieces each? A new day has officially dawned for the puffy clothing trend, as we’re now seeing puffer bags, shoes, scarves, and even phone cases appear in droves. It’s the perfect excuse to throw caution to the wind and dress in head-to-toe puffer this season. And thanks to all the puffy accessories hitting the market right now, putting together plus-size puffer outfits is officially a no-brainer.

Of course, if you’re not quite ready to fully commit to an entirely-puffer ensemble, you’re welcome to start slow—and work your way up. Add a puffer accessory in with your puffer coat and see how it feels. At the very least, you’ll stay extra warm while you’re out and about. And once you’ve given into the puffer craze, there’s a high chance you’ll come back for more. That’s just the power of the puff.

Pair a puffer tote with your favorite puffer coat and jeans for an effortlessly cozy winter look—and then add in a puffer phone case if you’re so inclined. Or, try out a puffer scarf and puffer slide sandals combination. It’s a weekend vibe that’s totally perfect for your Instagram feed. (And if you’re worried about wearing sandals in the winter, add a pair of fun socks! ICYMI, the sandal and sock trend is definitely back.)

However you choose to rock your puffy pieces, you’re sure to look like a wintry style queen. Plus-size puffer outfits are equal parts cozy and cute, so go ahead and get a little wild this season. When the cold winds start blowing, you’ll be glad you covered yourself in puffer.

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1. Third Puff’s a Charm

Why wear one puffer piece when you can wear three? This adorable puffer coat in a copper hue paired with a puffer tote and the absolutely necessary puffer phone case (!) from Urban Sophistication might just be the only winter outfit you need. Add in your favorite pair of jeans, and you’re set for the season.

A dark red puffer coat, black puffer bag, black puffer phone case, and jeans.

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coat — $52.99 from Old Navy
pants — $29.99 from H&M
bag — $175 from Caraa
phone case — $65 from Urban Sophistication

2. It’s a Wild, Wild Puff

An animal print puffer coat is good—but an animal print puffer coat paired with puffer slide sandals, black jeans, and a puffer scarf is even better. It’s a wild, wild world out there, but you’re sure to stay nice and warm in this seriously cute ensemble.

A green puffer coat, puffer scarf, black jeans, and black puffer sandals.

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coat — $54.97 from Old Navy
pants — $34.99 from H&M
scarf — $28 from Splash on Main
shoes — $175 from Revolve

3. Puffy in Pink

Nothing quite tops this ombre puffer coat and hot pink puffer tote combination. And the addition of puffer UGG booties? Let’s just consider this puffer outfit sheer cozy perfection. Just don’t forget to add a pair of oversized sunglasses for the ultimate diva look.

Ombre gray puffer coat, pink puffer bag, black puffer shoes, and leggings.

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coat — $119.99 from Land’s End
pants — $14.62 from Torrid
bag — $95 from Dillard’s
shoes — $109.95 from Zappos

4. No One Puts Puffy in a Corner

A phone case so nice, we included it twice. The blue iteration of the Urban Sophistication puffer phone case is too cute to pass up—so don’t. Pair it with a classic navy puffer coat, jeans, and some puffer slide sandals in a gorgeous cognac hue. With this outfit, no one will dare put you in a corner.

A navy puffer coat, jeans, blue puffer phone case, and brown puffer sandals.

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coat — $234.50 from Nordstrom
pants — $42.57 from Torrid
phone case — $65 from Urban Sophistication
shoes — $137 from R0AM

5. Hat’s Off to Puff

A puffer bucket hat? You better believe it, baby. This puffy accessory is truly the cherry on top of any ensemble—but especially one that includes a cozy puffer coat, puffer slide sandals, and a pair of statement sunglasses. Honestly, a bad hair day never sounded so appealing.

A red long puffer coat, black puffer bucket hat, black puffer sandals, and sunglasses.

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coat — $64.99 from Torrid
hat — $25.90 from Zara
sunglasses — $79 from Crap Eyewear
shoes — $395 from Shopbop