A collage with a mustard sweater, slippers, red pants, and glasses.

Job Interview Outfits That Look Just as Good on Zoom

Crafting the perfect job interview outfit can be a stressful task. (You want the right mix of chic, comfortable, and, of course, professional. It’s a lot to deal with!) But when said interview is virtual? That just adds another layer to the conundrum. Meeting—and attempting to impress—a potential employer is difficult enough without worrying about the strength of your Internet, getting the perfect background, or how you look on a grainy webcam. So, putting together plus-size Zoom job interview outfits that make you feel hirable, confident, and comfy is key.

Unlike attending an interview in person, Zoom interviews allow you to hide your lower half. Anyone you chat with via your webcam can typically only see you from the chest up—which means there’s no need don a full power suit or wear uncomfortable heels (unless you want to). With a virtual interview, all you really need to worry about is the very top of your ensemble. And doesn’t this realization just make you feel calmer already?

When our ensembles are uncomfortable, it shows. We fidget, wince, or have trouble paying attention. With plus-size Zoom job interview outfits, though, there’s absolutely no reason to wear anything that doesn’t make you feel confident and powerful. Throw on a pair of your favorite sweats with a chic blouse and statement earrings for the perfect virtual look. Or, opt for a cardigan as a top (No one will know!) paired with stretchy trousers and cozy slippers. Just think of this combination like the mullet of outfits—business on the top and party on the bottom.

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1. The Boss Blouse & Fun Earrings Combo

Throw on a seriously gorgeous blouse with a pair of statement earrings for the ultimate boss babe look. Then, finish things off with a pair of black joggers and fuzzy slippers. No one has to know you’re actually wearing sweats.

A collage with a pink blouse, slippers, black pants, and earrings.

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top — $125 from WRAY
pants — $38.67 from Torrid
slippers — $110 from UGG
earrings — $19.95 from ELOQUII

2. The Cozy Sweater Look

For a more casual ensemble, opt for a cozy turtleneck sweater paired with faux leather leggings (so trendy!) and sock booties. Top it off with a pair of blue light glasses so you eyes won’t get exhausted staring at a screen for a while.

A collage with a gray sweater, black boots, black pants, and glasses.

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sweater — $34.99 from H&M
leggings — $25.67 from Torrid
boots — $36 from ASOS
glasses — $55 from QUAY Australia

3. The Denim Dress (& a Touch of Bling)

Ditch the pants all together and go for a classic denim dress instead. This wardrobe staple looks both put-together and casual—and when you add a simple gold necklace, it’s one hell of an outfit.

A collage with a denim dress, gold necklace, and slippers.

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dress — $39.99 from H&M
slippers — $65.50 from Torrid
necklace — $22.95 from ELOQUII

4. The Artsy Cardi Ensemble

Wearing a cardigan as a top is a trend you can totally make work for a virtual interview. Add a pair of funky blue light glasses, some comfortable (and stretchy!) trousers, and your coziest slippers. Voila! You’re dressed to impress.

A collage with a mustard sweater, slippers, red pants, and glasses.

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cardigan — $47.99 from Old Navy
pants — $88 from WRAY
slippers — $74.99 from DSW
glasses — $60 from Revolve

5. The Sleek & Simple Romper ‘Fit

For those who get overheated easily (especially in stressful situations), go for a sleek black romper. You’ll look totally professional on top, but your legs will be free to breathe through the entire interview process. Just don’t forget a little jewelry to add a touch of glam.

A collage with a black romper, pink earrings, and sneakers.

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romper — $65.50 from Torrid
sneakers — $36 from ASOS
earrings — $26.95 from ELOQUII