Two collages featuring plus-size trench coats, a leopard print dress, pink sweater, black jeans, and booties.

There Is No Wrong Way to Wear a Trench Coat

No matter the season, trench coats are a must-have outerwear piece—and, if you let them, they can actually enhance your favorite ensembles, as well. Typically, when we think of coats and jackets, we focus on the warmth rather than the style. It makes sense; outerwear is, at its core, meant to help keep us warm when the temperatures are cooler. But function and fashion can go hand-in-hand rather easily, and all those trench coats in the back of your closet can become a staple around which you build outfits—rather than just throwing them on at the last minute in case it’s chilly outside. To do this, though, you’ll likely need a few plus-size trench coat outfit ideas to get you started.

Building an outfit around a trench coat might feel unnatural at first—similarly to creating looks around puffer coats—but it’s really a simple and effective way to style ensembles that flow seamlessly from one piece to another. By starting from the outside and working your way in, you’re ensuring that every aspect of your outfit works as part of a flawless ensemble. Plus, it gives you can excuse to wear your cutest trench coats in ways you never knew you could. Focusing on outerwear first when creating a street style or everyday look is a practice that’s ultimately worth it.

Of course, some trench coats—like the classic tan and black iterations—are easier to style than others. The basic trenches are easier to throw on with whatever ensemble you happen to be wearing, but they still deserve a little forethought. Give these pieces the same consideration you would a suede trench coat or a trench in a less neutral hue. The added effort might take an extra 10 minutes, but your outfit will be better for it.

To help get you started, you’ll find several different plus-size trench coat outfits below. Depending on the type of trench coat you prefer (or already have in your closet), there are different ways to style them for the season. After perusing these ideas, though, you’ll likely never look at your go-to trench coats the same way—and that’s a good thing.

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1. The Classic Tan Trench Coat

Let’s start with the OG trench coat, shall we? This tan beaut is a year-round winner, and looks especially cute when paired with your favorite jeans and a colorful sweater—like the adorable pink option below from Madewell. Finish off the look with some textured booties, and you’re set for whatever life throws at you.

A collage with black jeans, a pink sweater, and a tan trench coat.

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trench coat — $62.99 from Old Navy
sweater — $135 from Madewell
jeans — $29.99 from H&M
boots — $145 from Dolce Vita

2. The Dark Olive Trench Coat

Another gorgeous trench coat option that also works all year is the dark olive iteration. You can play it up with florals for spring, or add an animal print and denim shirt for fall and winter vibes. Make the look stand out with a chunky bootie, too.

A collage with a dark green trench coat, leopard print pants, and a blue top.

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trench coat — $149 from Macy’s
pants — $59.50 from Torrid
top — $59.50 from Loft
boots — $109.99 from DSW

3. The (Faux) Suede Trench Coat

For a trench coat that’s undeniably perfect for fall and winter, you can’t go wrong with a suede (or faux suede) option. It’s got a little bit more glam, but gives you that same classic trench coat silhouette you know and love. Pair this iteration with a cozy sweater dress, over-the-knee boots, and a cute pair of sunglasses.

A collage with a green suede trench coat, black sweater dress, black boots, and sunglasses.

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trench coat — $189 from Nordstrom
dress — $29.99 from H&M
boots — $89.50 from Torrid
sunglasses — $99 from Crap Eyewear

4. The Satin Trench Coat

The satin trench coat is basically like wearing a robe outdoors—and who doesn’t want that? We’re loving this burnt orange hue for cooler weather, and it looks absolutely gorgeous with a light blue sweater, jeans, and neutral booties.

A collage with a burnt orange trench coat, light blue sweater, black jeans, and booties.

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trench coat — $109.50 from Torrid
sweater — $39.50 from Loft
jeans — $51.99 from Old Navy
boots — $115 from Everlane

5. The Black Trench Coat

Then, of course, there’s the black trench coat—a classic in its own right. Stay cute and cozy this season by wearing it with an animal print sweater dress (!), heeled loafers, and a pair of sunglasses that add a pop of color.

A collage with a black trench coat, leopard print sweater dress, black heels, and sunglasses.

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trench coat — $99.50 from Torrid
dress — $89.50 from Loft
heels — $130 from Sam Edelman
sunglasses — $189 from Apercu Eyewear